To the editor,

It is unfortunate that I got involved in a political controversy that should have already abated.

Upon my starting a business in Gearhart, Dianne Widdop introduced herself and offered assistance in my venture. We had lunch, and I found her to be a nice woman and a good source of information.

When I gave permission to Kevin Willett to put up a sign promoting his pursuit for a position on the City Council, I did not envision such turmoil. I was doing so at his bequest. As a recent acquaintance, I found no issue in being friendly and allowed a sign to promote his candidacy in front of my business. If John Duncan had asked me, I would have done the same.

I was not aware of the history between people in the community, or the politics that I had become intertwined with. There is no need to rehash the scenario that ensued. Widdop was obviously disturbed by my gesture and has since apologized to me for her words and actions regarding the matter, and I accepted her apology.

If there are those in Gearhart who find it necessary to want to recall Dianne Widdop as mayor for other reasons than just my scenario, that is another issue. I do not wish to be the example or reference for her misuse of powers.

The circumstances that brought my situation to the forefront should not be one that propagated her forfeiture of being mayor. I would not like anyone to use what transpired between Dianne Widdop and I as an advantage in removing her from office.

Linda Goldfarb


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