Looking for great summer reading? Maybe for some of those not so bright and sunny summer days this August, here are some great stories for summer reads.

First off, if you are looking for an intricately layered book, try “All the Light We Cannot See,” by Anthony Doerr. The chapters alternate between the story of a young blind girl who has to flee Nazi occupied Paris with her father, and a young orphan boy who, as a member of Hitler Youth, becomes an expert at using and fixing radios and is tasked with tracking down the Resistance.

One of the latest by James Patterson and his partner writer David Ellis, is the book, “Invisible.” Everyone thinks Emmy is crazy, obsessed with finding a pattern of arson in accidental fires. Her sister died in a fire, and now she seems to see a serial killer in every fire that has started where there is a candle involved. Nobody will listen to her, and she is running out of options. Perhaps the most interesting part for locals is that, even though it is primarily set in the Midwest, Patterson sends the characters to Cannon Beach at the end of the book as a hideaway.

For a light romance addressing some deep issues, try “No River Too Wide,” by Emilie Richards, part of the goddesses anonymous series. Fleeing an abusive husband, Jan leaves home on the same night as a mysterious fire, when her husband also disappears. Suddenly caught up in secrets and hidden pasts, Jan is trapped between being investigated for possible murder and a new life within reach.

If vanishing husbands are a current theme in fiction, JoJo Moyes follows in kind with a slight twist, in her book, “One Plus One.” Jess’s husband has pulled a runner, and Jess is left to balance being a single mother with two kids and two jobs. When a man she finds totally obnoxious agrees to take Jess and her family on a road trip to the math finals for Jess’s math whiz daughter, Jess has to start re-thinking everything. There is the opportunity to do one wrong thing that just might make the difference in everything going right for once for Jess and her family. Expect great quirky characters and one slobbery dog.

“All Fall Down,” by Jennifer Weiner focuses on one seemingly ideal life: a woman with the perfect job, husband and kids, until one day she realizes she may be slowly sliding into addiction to prescription drugs.

“The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee,” by Marja Mills, is a book about the reclusive author Harper Lee who is famous for writing just the one book, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” More than just the story about Harper Lee, this is also about the writer’s experience and perspective when she had the rare opportunity to move in next door to Lee and her sister and live for a while in the Deep South.

Finally, no summer book list would be complete without a summer wedding, and we have that in Ellen Sussman’s, “Wedding in Provence.” An idyllic wedding in southern France starts out perfect, until the guests start to arrive. It is a story about family and how new beginnings often result in taking a look at the past.

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