All we are asking for is a vote. The question is, does the ordinance restricting short-term rentals in Gearhart, that was pushed through by the city council, represent the wishes of the majority of Gearhart residents, or a minority of residents exerting their personal agenda?

The ordinance represents dramatic and far-reaching impact on personal property rights and value, and deserves to be voted on by the people of Gearhart, not just decided on by a city council.

Rental properties have been an integral part of Gearhart for generations; they are crucial to the economy and health of this community. They provide jobs, tax revenue and support local businesses that could not survive without them.

We recognize that there are issues with overcrowding, loud parties and septic, but these should be handled on an individual basis, not by passing broad brush, onerous legislation that eventually eliminates these rentals by disallowing their rental status after a sale.

We all want Gearhart to remain the wonderful place that it is today. Rentals have been characterized as being bad for the community, but in fact they bring a diversity and richness of character that has been the backbone of Gearhart for many generations.

Let’s put it to a vote; let the people of Gearhart decide what’s best.

Lori and Bob Breslauer


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