It’s time to send a loud, clear message: “Gearhart is not for sale!” The California resident and political strategist, David Townsend, Joy Sielger and our District 2 Clatsop County Commissioner, Sarah Nebeker, are behind Measure 4-188.

This measure is also known as the “repeal and replace” initiative. Their group is not a grassroots organization. They

want unlimited short-term rentals with virtually no city regulation on their businesses. The measure has also cost the city of Gearhart $10,000 to put on the ballot this November. If approved, Measure 4-188 will require that any changes be put to a popular vote, costing $10,000 for each ballot measure.

The Daily Astorian recently ran a front page headline titled “Clatsop County ready to tackle vacation rentals” (The Daily Astorian, Sept. 26. It also ran a series of articles covering what all communities in Clatsop County consider the No. 1 issue in our area, housing for full-time residents. Measure 4-188 directly impacts housing available to full-time residents in Gearhart.

We find ourselves in Gearhart defending our City Ordinance 901 that regulates short term rentals in our Residential-1 and Residential-2 zoned residential neighborhoods. It took over two years to craft. There was extensive community input, and was passed into law by our elected city council representatives. The regulations were reviewed by the Land Use Board of Appeals, and were upheld.

Measure 4-188 is not in the best interest of Gearhart and its full time residents. We need to vote no on Measure 4-188 to keep Gearhart a residential community.

Betty Smith


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