I am an eighth-grader at Broadway Middle School. Zoos are bad. The animals live in cages, the food is horrible, and the animals only have family to rely on.

First, the animals live in cages. OK, imagine yourself being in a cage, how lonely you would be. And, think how the cheetah and the tiger and the reptiles and the birds are feeling right this very second, all alone and most likely crying — like you probably would be doing.

Second, the food is horrible. The food is pretty artificial. The animals get lazy because they can’t chase after the “food” or their prey in zoos. The animals do not get a lot of food in zoos. And they don’t get enough vitamins, iron, nutrients and bacteria killers. And they are bored enough to sleep all day. Imagine yourself, how worried you would be. If I were you, I would make signs to say free the animals, protest, tell every zoo to let them go and write in newspapers.

So as you can see zoos are bad. The animals live in cages, the food is bad, and they only have family to rely on.

Hayden Spratt


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