I see there was a multiple book signing at Beach Books recently. Last year I was invited to attend but had a conflict of some sort and couldn’t make it. This time, I didn’t know it was happening. I had one signing at Taste of Tuscany that was quite successful, although my small account of growing up in early Seaside isn’t nearly as uptown as those written by others. I think of myself as more of a scribbler than an author — perhaps they do as well. Clatsop County has many achievers in the arts that have really made their marks.

A clever accent for Halloween was in using fairly large pumpkins as receptacles for fall flowers. They were quite attractive. Why didn’t I think of that?

On a Friday, besides having our favorite sandwiches at the Seaside Coffee House, Robin and I went to the 3 Little Birds Bakery across the street for choffy — ground cocoa beans which make a drink milder than coffee but quite a different experience, having antioxidants as well as caffeine. We also sampled some big cookies chock full of cranberries. Michael Soprano, the proprietor, whose three little birds are his three daughters, has made his version of beach bread. A staple of Harrisons, “made only at low tide” and really popular. He also has quite an array of muffins, cookies and quick breads, as well as pies and cakes, though they were all gone when we arrived. Coffee and choffy are both available to enjoy on the premises. We had a good time with our personable new baker who is happy on his side of the street. Drop in.

In regard to the old Times Theater overhang, not only is it extremely dirty but it looks as though a loose spot on the west end could fall and crack someone on the head. When you’re checking that out, how about straightening the Columbia Street sign by the arcade? I get dizzy just looking at it. I’d use my cane but it seems to be bolted down in that position. Veterans Day was a busy one for me. At noon, I went to our women’s meeting at the church. Lou Neubecker, past commander at the American Legion was our speaker. He had interesting remarks about our former and present day service men and women. It’s always good to hear him speak. We sang many of the signature songs of various branches of the service along with some old favorites from bygone days. When Cmdr. Neubecker stood at attention for the playing of the Marine hymn, I could hardly keep my composure. We ask so much of our people. Since my marriage in 1942 to a Reg. Army soldier at Ft. Stevens, I’ve been deeply concerned over our defense and our defenders. G.I.’s have always been important to me. Later on, I attended the early bird dinner at the Legion. I sat with Judy Pesonen, daughter of past Cmdr. John Raniero and also with past commanders Ansell Morehouse and Bob Cook, all from my time in the auxiliary. It was a nice dinner with many old friends among the crowd. My time there has always been fun. Still is.

A guy was sitting in his comfortable chair on a weekend when his wife hit him over the head with a frying pan. “What was that for?” he asked. For the note in your jacket that said Mary Lou, she told him. “Oh, that’s nothing,” he said. “That’s the name of the race horse I bet on at the track.” Next week it happened as before, only this time she hit him with a bigger pan. “What was that for?” he exclaimed, holding his head. “Your horse just called,” she replied!

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