Candidate speaks out against coastal drilling

John Orr

This letter is to declare that as a candidate for the State House representing District 32, I will vigorously oppose any attempt on the part of the Federal government to drill for oil and gas on the north Oregon Coast. Such efforts are the height of irresponsibility on the part of leaders in terms of the local economy, trends in the energy industry and our duties as stewards of the environment.

I am old enough to remember the damage coastal oil drilling caused in 1969 on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California, and more recently with the Deepwater Horizon explosion on the Gulf Coast. I believe the risks are too great, the costs too high and our pristine Oregon coast far too valuable to justify drilling for oil. Moreover, the governor of Florida was successful recently in pleading a waiver from the President on drilling in his state. Our coastline is just as worthy of protection.

No state should have to endure potential environmental catastrophe merely because of partisan favoritism, or worse, the economic self-interest of a president who is an owner of tourism-based interests in the Sunshine State. The owner of Mar-a-Lago, has aligned himself with dirty, 19th century energy production, drastically rolled back Federal incentives for alternative energy and denied the human contribution to the destructive effects of global warming.

I seek office in part to change the trends in our country. District 32 includes Seaside, Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach, Bay City, Warrenton and Astoria, and providence has blessed us with beautiful, inspiring, tourism-dollar generating ocean beaches and sea life. However, if as stewards of the planet we fail to protect, water, land and air to the detriment of our descendants, history will judge us harshly.

I say, ā€œnot on my watch.ā€

John F. Orr

Candidate for the Democratic nomination for State House District 32

John Orr is a candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives 32nd District. He lives in Astoria.

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