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Change is happening here on the Oregon Coast, and the three public libraries in Clatsop County are working together on something new.

Thanks to an agreement between the cities of Astoria, Seaside and Warrenton, we now have a new shared library catalog system between the three separate libraries to show all of our library materials in one online catalog.

For Seaside Public Library patrons, this means it is far easier to place holds on books and other materials in Astoria and Warrenton and then the items will be delivered by our new courier system within a week or two. We wanted to maximize our collections and share them while also bringing some of our software costs down. If we all share the same software and vendor, we are no longer paying three times for the same thing. Astoria and Warrenton both have titles and items the Seaside Public Library does not. In fact, Warrenton still loans out VHS tapes, although they are starting to replace them with DVDs.

With this brand new library system, you can now place a hold on materials in Astoria and Warrenton libraries using your library card and wait for the books to be delivered to our library. If we don’t have a book, most likely Astoria or Warrenton will. Staff are happy to help you with this holds process if you are not comfortable with placing holds yourself online.

We are not set up yet for you to bring your library card to those libraries for checkout. However, this is in discussion down the road and perhaps in the next six to 12 months if all the cities are in agreement you may see more information about using your library card in all three libraries.

Seaside still offers interlibrary loans on book requests outside of our library system and we can get books from all over the United States for library card holders in Seaside, just expect a little more of a wait time since these items come to us through the mail. We are also on a library sharing system across Oregon and can get books that way as well. Our crackerjack interlibrary loans librarian Connie tries her hardest to get the books you want the speediest way possible.

We also share books with the Cannon Beach Library, through an annual agreement, but because they are a private library we do not currently borrow books from them.

If you have any questions about the new system, stop by and chat with me, the Seaside Library director, and I’ll be happy to explain how the new system works.

The Seaside Library lends out books, movies, audiobooks, playaways, book bundle backpacks for kids, a telescope, a microscope, Wi-Fi hotspots, kindles, and so much more. Astoria lends out a typewriter, a movie projector screen, and cultural passes for their library card holders. Warrenton offers VHS tapes and a great pacific northwest collection. Come check out all that your library has to offer at the Seaside Public Library located at 1131 Broadway here in Seaside.

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