If you have a library card, you know you can check out books. But did you also know you can check out a kindle, movie, or a telescope? The Seaside Public Library offers books, audiobooks, digital ebooks and audiobooks, playaways, movies, and more. The more is something you may not be as familiar with. We have been working this year to expand some of our offerings of library of things. Library of things are items other than books that people can borrow from a library, try out or use, and then return. They can be anything from tools to cookware or even kindles or laptops. These are items that often people don’t want to purchase themselves because they won’t use it all the time or it’s too expensive, but they would like to use one. With your library card, you can try out a lot of different items. Having a library of things at your local library is something that has become popular over the past five to ten years at libraries all over the United States. Some libraries check out cake pans or American dolls. Others let you borrow a ukulele or other musical instrument.

At the Seaside Public Library we have some fun items we hope you will try and keep checking the library for more because we add new things every month. If you are looking for a library of things item and want the full list of what we own, you can do a search in the library catalog under library of things.

The library offers kindles you can check out that come preloaded with over 20 books, we have two kindles filled with adult titles and two filled with teen titles. This year we also purchased a large telescope that you can use on your table to do some stargazing. This is a good size telescope and you should be able to check out some great stars. We also offer a cultural pass to get into the Astoria Maritime Museum, sponsored by the Astoria Maritime Museum Foundation. If you want to know how much energy your household appliances use, check out one of our kill-a-watt meters that tell you how much energy every one of your items uses.

We also offer Internet Wi-Fi hotspots that you can take with you and use in your home or on a trip. These have been super popular ever since we got them so you may have to get on a waiting list. They will connect up to ten devices and you can check them out for up to a week.

For preschool age kids, we offer early literacy Book Backpack bundles on different themes from dinosaurs to family, each backpack comes equipped with books, toys, movies, and other items for a fun experience children will want to take home with them. These backpacks also include early literacy tips for parents who want to help their child grow in their learning experiences before kindergarten.

We plan to offer soon a birdwatching kit that you can take out birdwatching by yourself or with a friend. You can grab your family and head to haystack rock to do some puffin birdwatching from afar. We will soon also offer a microscope for you to try out at home as well as a disaster preparedness example kit that you can bring home to get ideas of how to create your own disaster preparedness kit.

Most of our items are in a backpack sized cases or smaller. Our telescope is large so be prepared to tote a fairly large duffel bag to and from the library. We want you to get out there, explore, try new things, and enjoy coastal living while using your library card.

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