In response to the letter written by Jane Gable and printed in The Daily Astorian on Oct. 4:

It is easy to determine this writer refers to Kerry Smith, who is the only one, with an opponent, running for re-election to the Gearhart City Council. In response to these false accusations:

Neither Kerry or I would ever condone the stealing of signs or the stealing of anything. We are saddened this has happened.

I can assure you Kerry is not desperate. He left for Africa before his opponent’s signs were placed. He has no idea what these signs look like. He carried with him 50 new T-shirts and school supplies for orphaned children with AIDS.

Kerry and I are fortunate to have many friends. We are proud of the company we keep. They come from all walks of life and cultures. They include doctors, carpenters, plumbers, professors, librarians, landscapers, waitresses, yoga instructors, and more. Things we have in common are our open minds, care for others, and working to make the world a better place.

Kerry has taken the job of Gearhart City Councilor seriously, spending a great deal of time studying Gearhart’s Comprehensive Plan and ordinances. He prepares for meetings, reading the minutes diligently. If he has questions he seeks answers from higher authorities in specialized fields. In 2016 he cancelled a trip to visit our daughter in England, to attend a special meeting. Kerry is a dedicated city councilor who studies facts before jumping to conclusions. Far from desperate, Kerry Smith is an individual who is intelligent, honest, and committed to Gearhart.

Susan Edy


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