The Clatsop County Sons of Beaches 4x4 Club held a parade of flags the evening of Saturday, Nov. 7, in honor of Veterans Day. About a dozen members of the club brought their four-wheel drive cars decked out in flags and patriotic emblems to show their support for America’s veterans.

The group is not dedicated to military or veterans’ causes, but several members are former members of America’s armed forces, said local resident Jay Pitman, who served in the United States Navy for two years.

“We like to pay tribute and this was one of our ways of paying tribute,” he said.

The procession started at the Seaside American Legion Post 99, traveled down Broadway to the Turnaround and finished at the Seaside Elks Lodge on Avenue A. Afterward, the Elks organization held its annual veterans night, which was open to the public.

The parade included a rolling memorial float, created last year by Pitman, a member of Seaside American Legion Post 99 and the Legion Riders. The float is a tribute to veterans, past and present. It includes military flags representing all branches the military and other patriotic colors and symbols. Pitman included the names and photos of some local veterans who died, in addition to a photo of fallen soldier James Trebor.

Pitman uses the float in several parades and processions, including the Seaside Fourth of July Parade. He said he plans to include it in the Seaside Chamber of Commerce’s Parade of Lights and other regional events.

Pitman revived the old four-wheel drive club — created in the 1960s — earlier this year under the name Clatsop County Sons of Beaches 4x4 Club. The club includes more than 200 members, not only from Clatsop County but other locations around the state, as well. It is a family oriented, inclusive group whose members participate in parades, community service and fundraisers — in addition to taking their four-wheel drive vehicles out for rides.


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