Pickleball dreams

Preliminary proposal for a tennis court and four pickleball courts at Cartwright Park.

Pickleball courts are the most asked for facility of Seaside’s parks advisory committee, Public Works Director Dale McDowell said at Monday’s City Council meeting. A preliminary proposal calls for four pickleball courts and a tennis court at Cartwright Park on Franklin Street near Avenue S.

McDowell and members of the parks advisory committee presented the “mile high” version of the potential expansion of the park at the city’s southern end adjacent to the former Seaside School District office at 1801 South Franklin. The city-owned property is now vacant after the school district move to Spruce Drive and is likely slated for demolition.

Pickleball, similar to tennis, is an 11-point game and described as a cross between ping-pong and tennis.

Costs will depend on the type of fencing needed, court construction, waiting areas and benches needed.

The neighboring playground, which will remain, was recently upgraded for Americans With Disabilities Act accessibility. The boat ramp at the park could be widened and stairs added. Restrooms also need upgrading, with a price tag of about $200,000.

A BMX pump track on the park property, constructed by volunteers from the North Coast Trail Alliance in 2018, gets “a lot of use” and could see an expansion with an additional lane, McDowell said. “Again this is first discussion. We’re not asking you to do anything other than start thinking about it. We’re hoping at some point when we dig a hole out there we find a bucket of money to do all of this work.”

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