Warrenton’s Bobek plans run for the Oregon House

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@Photo caption:Dr. Bruce Bobek

Dr. Bruce Bobek, an Astoria physician and president of Columbia Memorial medical staff, will seek the Republican nomination for Oregon House District 32. The district includes Clatsop County and parts of Tillamook and Washington counties. The term of office, held by incumbent Deborah Boone, is two years.

Bobek has lived in Clatsop County for 26 years and previously served as a commissioner for the City of Warrenton. During his time in office, Bobek helped fund and build the Warrenton Library, establish the Warrenton Wetlands Plan and develop the Warrenton Business Association. 

“I always had an interest in politics,” Bobek, 65, said Wednesday.

Bobek moved with his family to Astoria in 1990. When his youngest daughter said the city’s hills were “too high and scary,” the family, including wife Beverly and five children, moved to Warrenton.

“I was a city commissioner in the ’90s and then my practice got so busy that between my kids and my practice, I didn’t have time for politics,” Bobek said. “I helped start the Warrenton scholarship program in 1996. I was president of that for several years and now I’m on the board.”With his children grown and career solidly established, in January Bobek decided to make a bid for the Legislature.

He described his political philosophy as “fiscally conservative, but pretty open.”

He said regulations are “onerous for businesses in general, and for small businesses throughout.”

From a policy perspective, he said he focuses on improving health care and education throughout the state. Bobek said he recognizes a need for emergency preparedness, but “would try to stay within budget.”

“I’m all for first responders, whatever we can do to help them, make it easier,” he said. “But I would be a big fan of making sure we have the money to do all these things. I would be fiscally responsible.”

He said Salem was in need of change. “I appreciate the work and time Debbie Boone has put in. I’m not a negative person. I’m not going to say her performance is bad, but I think people would vote for an overall change of policy.”

Bobek is unchallenged within his party. Primary day is May 17.

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