WARRENTON — Dozens of family, friends and acquaintances gathered Sunday night for a candlelight vigil in memory of a Warrenton High School student who was hit by a pickup and died last week.

The remembrance took place at Warrenton City Park’s baseball field for Trevor Secord, 15, who was struck late Thursday night after exiting a parked vehicle on the side of the road and running into the middle of U.S. Highway 101 just north of Gearhart.

Scores of attendees, some hugging and others wiping away tears, lit candles for the teenager. Ray Bergerson, a pastor at The Mission Christian Fellowship, invited people to share their memories.

“He truly was one that would light up a room,” said Christina Secord, Trevor’s mother. “He was there to protect everybody. I still expect him to wake me up at night and say, ‘Mom, someone needs help.’”

Secord’s friends, who played football and baseball and also wrestled, echoed his mother’s sentiments.

Ethan Johnson, a 17-year-old from Seaside, remembered one occasion when Secord came down to comfort him.

“No matter what your issue was, he’d be there to help,” Johnson said. “He would carry the world on his shoulders and he still wouldn’t break. I just hope that everybody remembers him the way I do, as that little kid with a smile on his face.”

Lizabeth Rehnert, a 15-year-old Warrenton High School student, organized the vigil.

“It was just to find hope,” she said. “No one wants to be alone for these kinds of things.”

Rehnert met Secord a few years ago when they were students at Warrenton Middle School. She remembers him as a great athlete, a funny person and a good friend.

“He was really nice to everyone,” she said. “Everyone just loved being around him.”

Brenda McKune, Secord’s grandmother, remembered his chivalry as a young boy. She coordinates an annual scrapbooking, crafting and card-making event in Warrenton called Scrap Hunger. Each year since he was 9, Secord would insist on carrying women’s tote bags for them.

“He’d tell them, ‘You’re a lady. You shouldn’t be carrying those heavy bags,’” McKune said.

Oregon State Police said Friday they were investigating whether alcohol contributed to Secord’s actions.

McKune said she has filed numerous complaints to Warrenton Police in recent years about adults providing alcohol to underage drinkers. She said she made her latest complaint Thursday night a little more than three hours before Secord’s death.

“These adults have got to stop feeding our kids alcohol because things like this happen,” she said.


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