Top women’s walking team snubbed at Hood to Coast

Runners cross the Hood to Coast finish line in Seaside.

This year’s Hood to Coast ended with organizers issuing an apology after they failed to recognize the relay’s top finishing women’s team during the award ceremony on Saturday.

The apology came after Emily Pritt, a member of the top women’s team named Goats N Roses, tweeted about how the top walking, high school and men’s teams were awarded trophies, and that when she asked the race’s founder, Bob Foote, about why the women’s teams weren’t acknowledged, he told her to “Go talk to someone who cares.”

The organization apologized to Goats and Roses in a tweet Sunday, saying the top three women’s teams should have been recognized.

“We did not recognize this great achievement and we were wrong,” the tweet said. “This will never happen again. We thank Goats and Roses for making us aware of our error.”

Traditionally, the relay race which spans 199 miles from Mount Hood to Seaside and more than 19,000 participants, only recognizes the top three finishing teams overall, as well as the top high school and walking teams, chief operating officer Dan Floyd said in an interview with Runner’s World Magazine. Goats N Roses finished 12th out of 1,032 teams.

Moving forward, the organization tweeted it will make changes to recognize the top women’s teams and “it will be because of Team Goats N Roses.”

Pritt tweeted on Sunday that the race’s CEO Jude Hubber has been “positively responsive and extremely apologetic,” and that she’s encouraged by the organization’s efforts to make improvements in response to her situation.

“To be clear, the issue we had and (the) reason for the tweet was because of Founder Bob Foote,” Pritt tweeted. “Yes, Hood to Coast is his event and he needs to be held responsible, but I do not want to disparage all the work put in by volunteers, sponsors, organizers and teams that make H2C great.”

Foote has yet to issue a public response to his alleged remarks.


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