The Heroux family made a big move

Lynn Heroux and Sam Heroux at a Thanksgiving dinner in Seaside.

Suppose you just decided to close your eyes and pick a spot on the map? Lynne Heroux, a longtime Minnesota resident, didn’t exactly blindfold herself, but she made a list of criteria for her and her 12-year-old son, Sam.

Heroux sought to make a change in her daily work-life and to try something different.

“My son said if we were going to make a move, we were going to make it big,” Heroux said. “So we started reading the atlas at night. I wanted to be by the coast. He wanted to fish. So we picked Oregon.”

After deciding on a destination, Heroux then went job searching. An occupational therapist, she found an opportunity with Providence Seaside Hospital.

They embarked on their cross-country adventure in June, but after arriving, got caught in the North Coast housing crunch. Unable to find a place to rent, they stayed six weeks in the Hillcrest Inn before purchasing a home.

“We really love it here, but Sam has discovered that fishing is much harder than it is back in Minnesota,” Heroux said with a smile. “He gets kind of frustrated, because at home you just put a worm on a hook and you catch 30 different fish.”

But she added, he loves Broadway Middle School and being a member of the swim team.

Along with fishing, clamming and crabbing — with guidance from Ruth and Don Swenson from the Hillcrest Inn — Heroux enjoys outdoor photography and tries to incorporate that into their fishing trips. She enjoys swimming at the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District pool, and said she “really likes the small town feel of Seaside.”

As for the rain, Heroux said she is trying to adapt.

“I know they told us about the rain, but it’s a little more than we thought,” Heroux said. “We’re trying to embrace the rain — we bought some good rain gear — but sometimes it gets a little bit much. They warned us, but they didn’t tell us this much.”


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