RAYMOND, Wash. — A former director of the Crisis Support Network allegedly used at least $47,000 of the nonprofit’s funds for personal expenses.

Kathryn Burr, who worked as the nonprofit’s executive director from May 2014 to late 2018, was arrested by the Raymond Police Department in March. She was charged with theft in the first degree, along with obtaining a signature by deception or duress, and could face additional charges.

Burr allegedly used a Crisis Support Network credit card without authorization for $15,000 in gambling purchases, according to police. A November audit revealed an additional $32,000 was missing from the nonprofit’s funds.

As an employee, Burr could be reimbursed annually for up to $1,800 worth of health expenses. Between February and mid-June, Burr received $4,800 in reimbursements, according to the audit.

“This issue, isolated to Burr, is now before the courts,” Karla Stephens-Webber, on behalf of Crisis Support Network, said in a written statement. “We trust the appropriate outcome will follow.”

Burr allegedly would print checks, fill them out for fake expenses, then convince the nonprofit’s board members to sign off on them. She would then use the checks for personal purposes and file fake invoices to justify the expenses, according to the investigation.

“(Burr) used her position of trust to facilitate her financial frauds,” a court filing states. “The amount of money has greatly impacted the ability of the CSN to fulfill its mission within the community.”

The case is being handled by Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer, as Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain’s wife, Rachel McClain, works for Crisis Support Network and is serving as interim executive director.

Crisis Support Network provides services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

“We would like to thank prosecutors and law enforcement for their diligent work,” Stephens-Webber said. “We would also like to thank the community for the support they have shown us during this difficult time and to assure you that we have been and will continue to serve our community and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.”

Originally from North Pole, Alaska, Burr worked with Clatsop County’s Domestic Abuse Response Team and later as the volunteer coordinator and then the community programs manager for the Women’s Resource Center — now The Harbor — in Astoria.

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