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School administrators suspended all classes in the Seaside School District on Tuesday after a possible threat was sent to a Seaside High School student over social media. Police later determined it was not a credible, localized threat.

A student received screenshots of a conversation and a possible threat to Seaside High School at about 8:40 p.m. on Monday in a message via Instagram, Seaside police said.

Police confirmed an account was created one hour prior to the messages being sent and immediately deleted following the incident.

With the assistance of the FBI, Justin Gagnon, the school resource officer, determined the source of the messages had no local affiliation to Seaside.

“We would like to thank the student who brought this to our immediate attention, and we continue to encourage others to speak up when they see something out of the ordinary or of immediate concern,” police said in a statement.

Seaside school facilities will have an increased police presence over the next few days as a precaution.

Schools across the country are on edge after a mass shooting at a high school in Oxford, Michigan, in late November left four students dead and several others injured. A 15-year-old student has been charged as an adult with murder and terrorism in the shooting. His parents, who bought their son the gun involved in the crimes as a gift, have been accused of involuntary manslaughter.

Across the Columbia River in Washington state, a message sent out via the Ilwaco High School Facebook page cited the tragedy in Oxford, as well as a “recent escalation of student violence and misbehavior locally,” and said staff would spend Wednesday “focusing on some needed changes to ensure staff and student safety at the high school.”

Ocean Beach School District Superintendent Amy Huntley stressed that there are no immediate safety concerns facing the high school or other schools in the district.

“We’re just seeing an escalation of some of the things we’re seeing in society — uncivil behavior, lack of empathy for others — and it’s leading to, I’d say, more egregious bullying,” Huntley said, adding that some of these issues are also being witnessed at other schools but that it’s the most prevalent and concerning at Ilwaco High School.

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