May 14

8:11 a.m., 1800 block N. Columbia: People sleeping in their cars are told to clean up their trash mess and move on.

4:47 p.m., 400 block N. Holladay: Property crimes are reported.

5:03 p.m., 400 block Avenue U: Property crimes are reported.

May 15

12:37 a.m., Safeway Parking: A person is arrested and charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants.

4:29 p.m., 12th and Necanicum: A person is arrested on a warrant.

May 16

9:55 a.m., 12th and Necanicum: Caller reports transient female yelling and causing a disturbance. The caller conveys to police her frustration with homeless gathering in her neighborhood. The reported female is unable to be located.

4:13 p.m., Wahanna and Shore Terrace: A person is arrested on a warrant.

6:02 p.m., 3700 block W. Chinook: Police assist Cannon Beach police.

9:30 p.m., Sixth and Downing: Caller reports person sleeping in their van; the person left the area after the caller confronted him.

May 17

12:44 a.m., 700 block Broadway: Fire investigation.

1:47 a.m., 1700 block S. Downing: Unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle is reported.

11:56 a.m., 500 block S. Columbia: Caller reports someone entered their car without their permission.

11:58 a.m., 1700 block S. Prom: Unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle is reported.

12:18 p.m., Boat Ramp, Broadway Park: Police attempt to help a seagull with a fishing hook caught in its foot. The seagull was uncooperative.

May 18

11:09 a.m., Avenue S and Roosevelt: Subject reported in the middle of the road is warned of disorderly conduct and still refuses to leave. He is cited.

12:40 p.m., 1900 block Spruce Drive: Caller reports neighbor is poisoning her dog. Police say the accusation is unfounded.

8:06 p.m., Fifth Avenue: An assault is reported.

May 19

9:49 a.m., 2200 block S. Prom: A person is arrested for violating a restraining order.

4:53 p.m., 1900 block S. Downing: Caller requests welfare check on her mother who she’s been unable to reach by phone. Police contact the woman who said she was napping and she will call her daughter.

May 20

6:11 a.m., 800 block Avenue M: Woman reports a man opening her screen door before she opened the door after he knocked. Police contacted the man who was parked in the area and said he knocked on the wrong door.

7:20 p.m., 12th Avenue Bridge: People reported camping are actually just fishing.

9:06 p.m., 800 block Fifth Avenue: A deceased person is reported.

May 21

3:18 p.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

11:12 p.m., 1000 block Avenue F: A disabled vehicle left overnight in a lot of reported as suspicious. Police talk to the occupants who say they will contact the property owner in the morning.

May 22

7:47 a.m., 12th and Wahanna: Caller reports a golf cart being operated on the roadway. Police are unable to locate.

5:47 p.m., First and Prom: Intoxicated subjects are reported, one for urinating on someone’s lawn. Police were unable to locate.

8:54 p.m., Wahanna: A person is arrested on a warrant.

May 14

11:40 a.m., Avenue A: Emergency medical response.

May 15

6:28 a.m., 1200 block Avenue D: Emergency medical response.

May 16

4:44 a.m., 200 block N. Downing: Emergency medical response.

May 19

5:30 a.m., Forest Drive: Emergency medical response.

8:12 p.m., 1600 block S. Edgewood: Emergency medical response.

May 20

3:01 a.m., 400 block Second Avenue: Emergency medical response.

11:11 p.m., 1000 block N. Holladay: Emergency medical response.

May 21

1:31 p.m., 1100 block N. Roosevelt: Emergency medical response.

May 22

6:22 a.m., Red Barn/Oster Road: Structure fire.

10:09 a.m., 600 block S. Edgewood: Emergency medical response.

Two-car crash

A two-car crash occurring in a highway work zone May 18 at 2:22 p.m., on U.S. Highway 101 by milepost 13 damaged both vehicles but not enough to call for tow. The driver of one car traveling westbound navigating a downhill curve saw the car traveling in front of it brake hard to avoid hitting highway workers. That driver slammed on her brakes but collision was unavoidable at this point. A citation was issued to a 75-year-old Seaside man. No one was injured.

Reckless driving

Taylor Deshaun Florance, 26, was arrested May 20 at 1:17 a.m., on U.S. Highway 101 at milepost 19, charged with driving while under the influence and reckless driving. Troopers observed him traveling north on the highway swerving out of his lane near Dairy Queen. He was pulled over; an open container was observed and the driver seemed impaired. He failed the field sobriety test and was taken to the county jail. Breath samples he provided showed a blood alcohol contest of .24%. He was issued criminal citations.

Vehicle broken into

Out-of-town visitors from Connecticut and Ohio reported to Oregon State Police May 22 at 4:06 p.m. their Toyota Vista was broken into while parked in the lot at the Saddle Mountain Park trailhead. The 25-year-old Connecticut woman said her driver’s side window was broken and her purse stolen from the car. Police have no leads.

Minor is charged

A minor, age unknown, was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants May 22 at 5:45 p.m. after troopers responded to a report of a car on fire on U.S. Highway 26 near milepost 12. The driver had recently been reported for reckless driving before troopers came upon their vehicle. The driver, who appeared impaired, submitted to a field sobriety test and was arrested on scene. He was transported to Columbia Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation before being brought to the Clatsop County Jail. While at the hospital he submitted to the chemical test. His blood samples were entered into evidence. He was also charged with driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.

Timberlands trespass

Citations of trespass were given to two Seaside people May 23 at 3:44 p.m., when troopers investigated a trespass complaint on the Lewis and Clark timberlands after the two would not leave when a forest security officer asked them to. Candi Marlow, 38, of Seaside, and Ashton Redford, 20, of Seaside, were located and cited for criminal trespass.

Pedestrian struck by car

A 71-year-old man attempting to cross the road near U.S. Highway 101 and N. Wahanna May 25 at 10:13 a.m., was struck by a driver who stopped for him but didn’t stay stopped and accelerated into the man. The man rolled over the hood of the car. Police and fire personnel responded to the scene and the struck man was examined and evaluated. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The 60-year-old Gearhart man driving was given a citation.

Gearhart Fire

Gearhart Fire was dispatched to report of a structure fire with flames and black smoke showing. Initial crews arrived to find two fully involved outbuildings on fire. Crews worked quickly to get the fire under control and ensure the buildings were unoccupied. The buildings were deemed a total loss, with no injuries to civilians or fire personnel.

The fire took an estimated 10 minutes to bring under control and an additional 50 minutes to completely extinguish. A total of 10 personnel and three engines responded to the fire. The fire spread to vegetation surrounding the outbuildings.


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