April 8

5:10 a.m., Our Lady of Victory: A trespasser on church property is located and advised of trespass.

9:56 a.m., 2500 block S. Roosevelt: A subject is trespassed after causing a disturbance with his mother at her nursing home.

10:17 a.m., 300 block First Avenue: Transients are trespassed from church property after camping on the front steps.

1:39 a.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

April 9

8:37 a.m., Avenue T: A dog reported wandering is returned to its owner.

2:53 p.m., Broadway and Columbia: Caller reports man walking with a rifle; police are unable to locate.

11:01 p.m., 1000 block Holladay: Police respond to a report of an argument between a couple; on contact they learn the couple wasn’t fighting but that the male got into an argument at a bar. Subjects will be returning to their hotel room.

11:41 p.m., Third and Roosevelt: A person is arrested on a warrant

April 10

1:44 a.m., Knappa Auto Parts: A person is arrested on a warrant.

7:50 a.m., 600 block Fourth Avenue: An opossum reported stuck in a garden net is safely released and freed.

8:21 a.m., 1000 block 12th Avenue: Caller reports rubbish near a van; on contact a woman says it’s not rubbish, it’s her belongings.

12:33 p.m., 2400 block U.S. Highway 101: A deceased person is reported.

11:05 p.m., Shilo Inn: A disturbance is reported.

April 11

11:42 a.m., 300 block 12th Avenue: A puppy reported stuck under a porch was freed prior to police and fire arrival.

5:51 p.m., The Prom: A child reported lost is reunited with their parents before police arrive.

11:07 p.m., 17th and Holladay: Parties reported creating a verbal disturbance deny the allegation.

April 12

10:32 a.m., 1100 block King Street: A subject reported going through trash is warned of the behavior.

3:02 p.m., U.S. Highway 101/Cannon Beach Hill: Drivers observed racing are stopped and advised to stop racing.

10:28 p.m., Ocean Shore: Property crimes are reported.

April 13

4:15 a.m., Seaside Cinema: Police respond to a report of screaming in the parking lot; they speak with an arguing transient couple who agree to separate for the time being.

8:39 a.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

1:45 p.m., Quatat Park: Transient reported cursing and yelling is advised of the complaint.

8:59 p.m., First Avenue: An employee at a hotel is accused of taking up residence in one of the rooms. Police speak to the hotel manager, the hotel owner, and the employee to assist in working something out.

April 14

9:33 a.m., 12th and Prom: Caller reports male abusing his dogs. Subject left the area prior to police arrival.

5:56 p.m., Broadway: Police respond to a request for a welfare check on an intoxicated female reported to have fallen while searching for her car; on contact the female said she doesn’t have a car in Seaside and isn’t driving.

6:36 p.m., 1000 block 12th Avenue: An assault is reported.

April 15

4:46 a.m., 1800 block S. Roosevelt: A person reported sleeping in the doorway of a closed business is trespassed at the request of an employee.

9:44 a.m., Beach and Lewis and Clark: Subjects reported pitching a tent in the dunes are advised of the complaint.

5:03 p.m., 1100 block N. Roosevelt: Property crimes are reported.

5:08 p.m., S. Holladay: Property crimes are reported.

8:40 p.m., 1200 block Sixth Avenue: A person is arrested for violating a restraining order.

April 2

Fire: 8:21 a.m., Broadway Park: Emergency medical response. On arrival it’s determined there is no medical emergency ad the subject is merely sleeping.

3:34 p.m., 400 block S. Roosevelt: Emergency medical response.

9:21 p.m., 2100 block S. Franklin: Fire investigation.

April 4

Fire: 14:14 p.m., 300 block Avenue A: Emergency medical response.

2:48 p.m., 300 block 17th Avenue: Emergency medical response.

6:34 p.m., Avenue H and Roosevelt: Emergency medical response.

10:21 p.m., 1000 block S. Downing: Emergency medical response.

April 7

3:01 a.m., 400 block N. Wahanna: Fire investigation.

2:17 p.m., Mill Ponds: Fire investigation.

April 8

4:14 a.m., Second Avenue: Emergency medical response

3:15 p.m., 400 block Hillside Loop: Emergency medical response.

April 9

1:09 p.m., Turnaround: Emergency medical response.

April 10

8:55 p.m., 800 block 14th Avenue: Emergency medical response.

9:37 p.m., 81000 Polo Ridge Road: Emergency medical response.

April 11

3:32 a.m., 800 block Eleventh Avenue: Structure fire.

1:15 p.m., 1300 block N. Holladay: Fire investigation.

11:44 p.m., Beach by Best Western: Emergency medical response.

April 12

7:29 a.m., 1000 block S. Downing: Emergency medical response. Medix on scene.

9:59 p.m., 900 block Third Avenue: Police assist medical personnel on a medical call.

April 14

5:08 a.m., 1800 block Spruce Drive: Emergency medical response.

12:20 p.m., 900 block Avenue I: Emergency medical response.

1:09 p.m., N. Prom: Emergency medical response. Another agency is assisted.

1:34 p.m., Hug Point: Water rescue.

5:06 p.m., 500 block Bonnie Court: Emergency medical response.

April 15

7:27 p.m., Turnaround: Police and Medix on scene for an emergency medical response.

11:29 p.m., 1600 block S. Edgewood: Emergency medical response.


A Seaside man and a Nehalem man were involved in a rear-end collision on U.S. Highway 26 at 7:04 p.m. at the intersection of Lower Nehalem Road April 6. The 73-year-old driver of a blue Tacoma was stopped facing westbound waiting to turn on to Lower Nehalem Road when a 28-year-old man in an F-10 came up behind him and rear-ended him. The Elsie fire department was on scene to assist with traffic control. Both drivers refused medical treatment. No tow was needed. A citation was given to the Nehalem man who was driving the F-10.

Accident under investigation

A Portland man was involved in a one-car crash April 7 at 10:06 a.m. on U.S. Highway 26 at milepost 11. The Ford Explorer was towed from the scene by Gary’s Towing and the Cannon Beach police and Hamlet Fire Department personnel helped search for the driver. ODOT was on scene. The accident is under investigation.

Down a ditch

A 52-year-old Seaside man told police he had no idea how his car came to be down a ditch April 9 at 8:15 p.m. on U.S. Highway 26 near milepost 5. He said the car left the roadway; police saw no skid marks in the vicinity of the crash. Neither he or his passenger, a 41-year-old West Linn man reported injuries. The driver was cited.

Under the influence

A 70-year-old Seaside man was involved in a car accident April 10 at 8:26 p.m. on U.S. Highway 101 near milepost 24. David Lee Mills was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants and taken to Seaside police headquarters for processing. He provided a breath sample showing a .17% blood alcohol content and was released to the hospital for treatment. His crashed Toyota was towed from the scene by Triangle Towing. Mills was also charged with two counts of reckless driving.

No U-turn

No injuries were reported April 16 at the scene of an accident on U.S. Highway 101 at 2:31 p.m., in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 26. A silver Prius was traveling northbound, followed a red Prius. The 77-year-old Columbia City driver of the silver car attempted a U-turn in the middle of the road when it was struck by a 68-year-old driver from Manzanita. No injuries were reported. Both cars were towed from the scene by Scovel’s Towing.

Boat on fire

Medix, the United States Coast Guard and the Warrenton fire department responded at 3:39 p.m. April 16 to a report of a boat on fire in the Skipanon River. No injuries were reported. The Coast Guard is investigating. No Oregon State Police officer was on duty at the time.

Dog struck on beach

Troopers responded to a call from a Gearhart police officer who said while on patrol April 17 at 11:36 a.m., on the Clatsop Beach approximately a quarter mile north of the Del Rey beach access they struck a large dog who ran out in front of them. The officer reported he was driving 20-25 miles per hour in the “traffic” area of the beach when the dog suddenly ran out to catch a ball its owner, a Tigard man, threw for it. The dog did not appear to be injured besides a slight limp. The owner did not think the officer did anything wrong and does not wish to pursue any complaint of civil damage. There was no damage to the police vehicle. A report was made.

Left the scene

A Portland woman was involved in a rear-end car accident April 17 at 3:25 p.m. while traveling westbound on U.S. Highway 26. She left the scene of the accident and was located shortly after by Seaside police. Troopers say Noel D. Martin, 43, from Portland, struck another car; when both drivers pulled over to exchange information, Martin drove off before information was exchanged. State police responded to the location where Seaside police found her and detected signs of impairment. After being medically cleared at Columbia Hospital, Martin was transported to the Clatsop County jail where she provided a breath sample. She was found to have a .21% blood alcohol content. Martin was charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Impaired driver

Evelina Kulgavaya, 23, was arrested April 17 at 5:17 p.m., on the Del Rey beach, charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants. Police received a complaint about a woman in a black Jeep Wrangler speeding on the beach who struck another car and then was boxed in by witnesses who held her until police arrival. Kulgavaya appeared impaired and consented to take a standardized field test at which time she was arrested and taken to the county jail where she provided a breath sample showing a .11% blood alcohol content. Her Jeep was secured in the beach parking area. Clatsop deputies and the Sons of Beaches assisted at the scene

Two-car accident

Two cars were involved in an accident April 17 at 8:44 p.m., on U.S. Highway 101 near milepost 25 when one car parked on the northbound shoulder was struck on its left side by another car pulling out. Both cars remained parked on a gravel parking area off the roadway until police arrived. Nobody was injured.

Disorderly behavior

A person reported behaving in a disorderly manner and possibly high on drugs brought troopers to the Rite Aid parking area in Seaside on U.S. Highway 101 April 18 at 10:20 p.m. As Seaside police reported they were shorthanded, Oregon State Police arrested Charles Seth Poindexter, 24, and took them to the county jail.

Gearhart Fire

A fire in an apartment building in Gearhart Sunday morning displaced eight occupants, two dogs and one cat. There were no injuries to residents or first responders.

According to Gearhart Fire Department Lt. James Hutchinson, the fire was reported at 11:29 a.m. and originated in the rear of 1837 Pine Ridge Drive. Cause was determined to be an accident because of heat from a propane barbecue.

The fire was controlled in 21 minutes by responding fire crews, including Gearhart, Seaside Fire and Rescue, Medix Ambulance and Gearhart Police Department.

Occupants are being assisted by the Red Cross.


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