Got a yen to throw a hatchet?

You can do about anything in Seaside, and now Scout Northwest Trading Co. offers the opportunity to try your target skills in their axe-cage. Located in the Seaside Outlets, that’s only one of their many features.

“We went from being an outdoor store with kayaks and paddle boards and BMX bikes and fishing poles to a Northwest lifestyle store, which is what we have now, Lincoln City and here,” manager Pam Holmes said.

The business is family-owned, with all of the clothes printed in store. “We make the decals, button patches, posters, stickers, the hats, we do the engraving on the glasses and stuff,” she said. “Ninety percent is made by family and friends.”

Scout carries products from Green State Wearables, Black Salt Co., Harney and Sons, and Pioneer Joe Coffee Co. Need a beard elixir? Try Mad Jax.

The Seaside location recreates the look and feel of Scout’s Lincoln City location, featuring T-shirts, stickers, home goods, artwork — and axe-throwing.

“They put an axe-throwing cage there and they now have people purposely visiting Lincoln City just so they can do axe throwing,” Seaside Outlets’ manager Kendra Lounsbury said. “Five bucks gets you three throws, $10 gets you 10 throws.”

Scout Northwest Trading Co. is a member and compliant with all regulations of the World Axe Throwing League. Because of limitations in size in the Seaside location, hatchets, which are smaller than axes, are the projectile of choice.

Anyone wearing a close-toed shoe who have signed a waiver can get a few throws at the target. Young people under 18 may participate as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

After you throw, consider a “Tap That Axe” T-shirt or “Kiss My Axe” sticker.

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