Almost six years ago, Seaside School District voters approved a $99.7 million bond to bring a new campus out of the tsunami inundation zone.

Plans were delivered in March 2018 and since that time hundreds of contractors, staff and consultants have endured COVID-19, labor shortages, material delays. Their work is coming to an end this fall, project manager Brian Hardebeck told the district’s board of directors.

Milestones and targets for the Seaside School District construction project.

In July, crews finished exterior painting at Pacific Ridge Elementary School. They added Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible ramps, landslide mitigation buttressing and a four-way intersection at the school.

At the high school and middle school, the west parking entrance and athletic field were completed. Landscaping and maintenance projects are complete.

“Items moving forward for the remaining part of the summer will include the added gym vestibules,” Hardebeck said. “They’re in final design now.” Drainage piping at the track, delayed by labor shortages, will be completed by Sept. 15.

BRIC Architecture is designing new vestibules at the south facing gym doors to provide additional weather protection. Those plans are expected in September with work to be complete by mid-October.

“If we don’t find any large outstanding items for repair, the major milestone coming up is to demobilize the contractor from the site,” Hardebeck said. “The goal is to have that occur by Sept. 15.”

Costs for the project through July, at $130.1 million, are approaching the forecast expenditures of $131.6 million. In addition to the $99.7 bond delivered by voters is supplanted by bond sales, interest, state grants, timber money, school sales and a $9 million 20-year loan.

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