Registered voters in District 5 will receive postcards from the Clatsop County Elections Office if corrections were made to their precinct and/or commissioner district.

The Clatsop County Clerk and Elections Office has completed a review of registered voters in the county’s Board of Commissioners District 5 and made necessary corrections to voter records. District 5 covers Jewell, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach, part of Seaside and Elsie.

The office intends to complete its review of the four remaining commissioner districts within the next month.

If a question has been raised regarding a registered voter’s physical address, a card has been sent to that voter asking that the correct information be supplied to the Clatsop County Elections Division using a prepaid postcard.

A balloting error affecting almost 500 voters was discovered during the May 20 Primary Election. The error, linked to a 2011 redraw of the boundary lines, resulted in a number of District 5 voters receiving ballots without the race for the District 5 commissioner seat between Dale Barrett and Lianne Thompson.

As a result of the error, County Clerk Maeve Kennedy Grimes sought and received a court order to set aside the results of the May District 5 race and set a special election for the seat for Sept. 16.

All voters are reminded that it is each individual’s responsibility to update their voter registration when:

•Your residence address changes

•Your mailing address changes

•Your name changes

•You want to change your political party

Any questions regarding a voter registration card can be made by phoning the elections division at 503-325-8605 or the county clerk’s office, 503-325-8511


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