Ocean Vista

Ocean Vista will see reduced parking to enable greater access for trucks and emergency vehicles.

Speeding vehicles and limited visibility prompted the Seaside City Council to enact a parking restriction on Ocean Vista Way.

“When you are coming around, you're coming down Ocean Vista, and you're going to make a left on to Beach Drive, you cannot see around because of the cars there,” City Councilor Tita Montero said.

The Transportation Advisory Commission reviewed the parking issue at the intersection of Ocean Vista Way and Beach Drive and came to the conclusion that parking on the west side of Ocean Vista should be eliminated, Public Works Director Dale McDowell said at Monday’s City Council meeting. “Vehicles are parking on the grassy shoulder next to the Tides chain-link fence, narrowing the traffic lanes to a mere 13 feet wide.”

In the last year-and-a-half, people have started parking on the grass “when there’s really no need to,” McDowell said. “There’s normal parking on that side of the street, up to the ADA ramp and that’s as far as we want it to go. So we would sign everything beyond that point.”

The advisory commission recommended designating the area as “no parking this side of street” from the existing asphalt Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible ramp to the end of the fence.

The change will affect three spaces, McDowell said.

Mayor Jay Barber and city councilors Randy Frank, Tom Horning, Tita Montero, David Posalski and Steve Wright unanimously approved the parking change. Dana Phillips was absent.

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