Playground proposal

Basic plan for proposed Centennial Gardens/Trail’s End Park playground.

Costs for a playground in downtown Gearhart came in a bit higher than the city anticipated.

“Three options came in and were almost double our price-point,” City Administrator Chad Sweet said at City Council meeting earlier this month.

The proposals, delivered by Buell Recreation for a playground structure at Centennial Gardens/Trail’s End Park along Pacific Way, ranged from $62,000 to $85,000, including installation.

Option A, the least expensive of options received, comes with a $36,000 play structure and a user capacity of 62. With installation, it reaches a cost of $62,000.

Option B, which can accommodate 96 users on a 48-foot-by-70-foot playground, is estimated at about $85,000, including installation.

The third option, with a smaller footprint and 73-person capacity, is estimated at $75,000.

When the former Gearhart Elementary School was shut down, the playground equipment was transferred to the new Pacific Ridge Elementary School.

Ten-year-old Berkley Sturgell launched a Quarter Mile Challenge to raise funds for the city’s Play Equipment Fund. The goal was to collect enough quarters to stretch the length of one-quarter mile. According to Sturgell’s estimate, that was about 17,160 quarters, or roughly $4,290.

Sturgell’s efforts brought three times that, more than $12,000. With outside donations large and small, a total of $31,000 has been raised so far.

“Staff requested revised quotes from Buell to better suit our budget,” Sweet said.

Additionally, city staff has had talks with another vendor, but no numbers yet.

Upon ordering, equipment delivery is expected in about eight weeks.

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