Candidates vying for the Ward 4 seat on the Seaside City Council are focusing on emergency preparedness, housing, transportation and tourism.

Kathy Kleczek, David Posalski and Adam Wood are competing for the vacancy left by City Councilor Seth Morrisey, who did not file for reelection.

Oct. 13 is the last day to register to vote, and ballots will be mailed from Oct. 14 to Oct. 20.

Kleczek is the former chairwoman of the Sunset Empire Transportation District board and the representative for the district on Northwest Transportation Options. She also serves on the Special Districts Association of Oregon’s board.

She established and runs her own business, La Luna Loca, in Cannon Beach, with originally designed, colorful clothing.

“The common thread between the business and the public service is that I could do something that was helping improve life for real people,” Kleczek said. “Being of service and contributing positively is the way I operate, it is what drives me forward, it is the reason behind my running for office as a Seaside city councilor.”

The city has challenges with balancing the needs of the residents and the tourism economy, Kleczek said.

She said her mission is to create more access to the decision-making process and to make the city government available to more of the population.

“As the leaders of the city we need to build sustainable foundations to grow a healthy future for Seaside.”

Kleczek said the city needs workforce housing while balancing the need to allow senior citizens to stay in their homes in the community.

Disaster readiness, expanded health systems and services are also among her priorities.

“It is time to develop disaster readiness plans that become part of the community’s collective conscience and include our Latinx neighbors in the conversation,” she said. “Paths that can be used for daily recreation can be developed to serve as neighborhood connections and evacuation routes.”

Posalski moved to Seaside in 2010 and opened Tsunami Sandwich Co.

“The opportunities provided by Seaside have blossomed into five local businesses for us,” Posalski said, with more than 50 local employees.

“My university degree in finance and my experience with five successful businesses started from nothing here in Seaside has given me the experience needed to handle financial decisions made by the council,” he said.

He served six years on the Seaside Chamber of Commerce board and Seaside Transportation Commission and three years on the Seaside Planning Commission.

“My work on the chamber board and sitting on the transportation commission and planning commission positions me with the most relevant experience in city operations of the candidates. My skill in questioning and listening have prepared me to be able to see multiple sides of an issue and given me the strength to make difficult decisions.”

Posalski’s priorities are to support emergency responders, ensure transportation safety and reduce the effect of tourism on livability in neighborhoods. He wants to see the S. Holladay Drive corridor revitalized to improve living conditions, provide work and draw people off of U.S. Highway 101.

“My desire is to continue serving our community through the City Council as your commissioner for Ward 4,” Posalski said. “I hope to be an open ear and your voice on the council as I serve our entire community.”

Wood’s priorities are community engagement, long-term housing and emergency preparedness, “to make sure we have plans in place to protect the community from anything from a tsunami to a pandemic or anything else that may arise.”

He said he would seek to find a reasonable capacity on vacation rentals. He wants to work with developers to help them build four- to 12-unit complexes so that people who work in Seaside can afford to live in the community.

A Bandon native, Wood is an assistant golf professional at the Highlands Golf Club in Gearhart.

“I am running so that I can make sure that every voice in the community is heard and listened to, and that we make common-sense decisions for the city now and into the future,” he said.

“Growing up in Bandon on the south coast, my parents instilled a sense of service in me,” Wood said. “And now having lived in Seaside for 12 years and spending five years on the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation Foundation board I feel that serving on the city council would be another step in service to this great community. I feel I would be the best candidate because I will pick the brains of people who may know more on an issue than I do so that we make the best decisions for the city.”

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