Looking to do a little extra for your own pet or help other animals? The North Coast offers unique experiences and services worth investigating.

Kim Tews is the proprietor of Curly Tail Pet Massage, offering in-home massage therapy for pets on the north coast and the greater Portland area. Tews is a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage. Originally from Wisconsin, she came to Seaside to start her business in 2016.

“I offer mobile animal massage therapy to pets to help them relax, heal, and maintain their levels of health and well-being,” she said.

An active volunteer and board member of Pacific Pug Rescue, Tews is also a foster home provider for pugs who have recently been rescued. “Animals have always been my passion,” she said. “I have three rescue dogs and I love dogs of all sizes and breeds.”

Tews is certified in maintenance massage and rehabilitation specialty massage; her work is insured by Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and is done with your vet’s consent.

“Pet Massage is a complementary therapy and does not replace veterinary treatment,” Tews advised. “I’m a certified small animal massage practitioner; my work is carried out in conjunction with your vet’s recommendations. I don’t diagnose, but I will consult and refer you back to your vet if required.”

Owners usually notice changes in one to three sessions, she said.

Initial consultation for pet massage is $65 and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The initial consultation includes a gait, posture and balance assessment, palpation assessment, and massage. “At the end of the session, I will discuss and design a massage plan specific for your pet,” Tews said.

A maintenance massage is $50 for 30 to 60 minutes. Each session is customized to your pet.

“Maintenance massage is great for helping your pet stay at their peak level of health for as long as possible,” Tews said. “It’s also is a great tool for monitoring and early detection.”

Tews’ practice also includes the specialty manual lymphatic drainage massage which is $65 a session, a session lasting anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes.

“Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a great immune booster and benefits pets of all breeds and ages,” Tews said. “Consider a MLD massage for your pet a few days prior to going in for surgery, or even dental work, or before going to an overnight boarding facility or traveling. MLD massage can help your pet be in their best health for whatever they may encounter.”

Rehabilitation massage sessions are also available. Session time is dependent on the pet’s needs. “Rehabilitation massage aids your pet’s natural healing and should complement the treatment program initiated by your vet,” Tews said. “It’s also a great tool for relieving boredom and tension for a pet who may be on restricted rest. It helps their muscles stay strong and healthy. Rehab needs are as varied as the conditions of each pet; each rehabilitation massage plan is different. Contact me to discuss your pet’s needs,” Tews said. She works on cats as well as dogs.

Call 503-805-1319 or email Kim@curlytailpm.com to make an appointment.

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