Whether grading the sand, setting up volleyball standards, providing visitor information or emceeing the event from courtside, local residents, volunteers and businesses converged for the world’s largest beach volleyball event.

On Saturday morning as players began arriving for what would culminate in the men’s and women’s final matches, the Seaside Chamber of Commerce’s Brandy Stewart and volunteers Bob Perkel, Chuck Minor, Reita Fackerell and Sandy MacDowall sat near the entrance to the courts providing player booklets, visitors guides and local up-to-date information, including where to find an available hotel room as more than 1,600 volleyball teams came to Seaside.

Nearby, Jason Johnson of Tonquin Trading Co. offered players Oofo Recovery Shoes, designed to absorb the aches and pains likely to reveal themselves after a strenuous workout.

Seaside firefighter Dave Rankin stood by to handle emergencies, and to keep the sand packed and combed.

Lauren Yokum, a Seaside High School grad and Astoria resident, offered discounts to local dispensaries — including Seaside’s Cannabis Nation — on behalf of Cura Cannabis Solutions.

In the main court, Seaside Visitors Information Specialist drew on decades of radio experience to emcee the event, ably assisted on stage by Dave Shaw, Adam Israel and Derek Stewart, a Seaside High School student whose participation in the volleyball event is part of his Pacifica Project for senior year.

Jeff Dunn — owner of Brew 22, the chamber’s “Business of the Year” of 2018, served Americanos and more, assisted by Sau Utley and Ro King.

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