Northwest Regional Education Service District

The Seaside School District approved participation in a regional plan to receive support from the Northwest Regional Education Service District in the upcoming school year. Services come in the form of administrative, instructional and technology assistance.

The school district’s board of directors approved the service plan during its regular meeting held remotely April 21. The plan must be approved by at least two-thirds of school districts from Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Washington counties under the umbrella of the regional service district.

The regional service district provides services for students with special needs, including evaluation to help design individualized education plans, Superintendent Sheila Roley said. They provide internet infrastructure for school districts within the region and programs in professional learning “to help our teams be current on best practices in instruction.”

The service plan for the upcoming school year includes an allocation of about $281,000 for Clatsop County, a $25,000 increase over the $256,000 allocated in 2019-20. The allocation is based on regional student population. Individual school districts within the county do not receive a specific allocation.

Seaside will also receive $572,000 in service credits, dollars from the state’s school fund allocation that flow through the regional service district, according to the regional service district’s chief financial officer Tami Montague. This is a $62,000 increase over the 2019-20 service credit allocation of $510,000. Each school district allocation is put in an “agency fund,” Montague added, and can be used to purchase services from the service district.

Twenty school districts, including Seaside, participate in the regional service district programs to ensure students have access to early learning, professional educators and special education opportunities.

Fourteen staff members provide school-age special education support in Seaside, some of which also support other Clatsop County districts. Among positions are a school psychologist, occupational, physical therapists and a teacher that works with hearing-impaired students.

According to the annual report presented at the school board meeting, the service district completes an average of five early intervention and early childhood special education evaluations monthly, with an average of 60 Seaside children active in those programs.

Last year, Seaside had 113 students participate in the service district’s outdoor science school, a multiday, overnight experience where elementary and middle school students get learn in the outdoors while participating in hands-on, interactive and experiential activities that are taught mostly in small groups at one of five sites in northwest Oregon. Seaside students regularly attend the Cedar Ridge site near Vernonia.

This year, about 110 students were scheduled to attend outdoor science school in March, but the program was canceled because of COVID-19.

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