Strategic plan

Seaside's Strategic Vision Plan, developed in 2018 to guide the district for the next five years.

During the 2019-20 school year, the Seaside School District will be fully implementing its five-year strategic plan, which was approved by the board in December. Superintendent Sheila Roley said they spent the second half of last year gathering baseline data to measure future progress, and will now work toward the two goals outlined in the plan:

• By June 2024, all students will be on track to graduate and be prepared with a plan beyond high school.

• By June 2024, all students will develop the social and emotional skills to be positive community members.

While they’ve consistently set districtwide goals, formalizing the process makes it “easier to track and identify the challenges and smooth them out,” Roley said.

Each goal has been assigned specific indicators and measurable targets, with staff teams comprised of educators from each school overseeing the various components. Assistant Superintendent Susan Penrod, who started July 1, has assumed much of the responsibility for implementing the plan alongside the principals, while Roley oversees the construction project.

“It’s a really exciting time,” Penrod said. “While change can be hard, it is also an opportunity.”

She sees the district staff, including herself, as a support system to help the principals and teachers do the most important work: Impacting and educating young people. She enjoys being at the schools and in the classrooms, where she can better get to know students and teachers.

“It’s all about building relationships and being accessible and being a representative of the district,” she said.

Next year, the district office will be moved to the new campus, which Penrod sees as a positive transition that will allow her to be “more present and accessible.”

“I’m a huge fan of that, because for us to be right in the heart of things is really important,” she added.

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