Oregon State Police

Sept. 18

3:39 p.m., 1000 block S. Downing: A disturbance is reported.

3:55 p.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

10:59: p.m., 2600 block Millcreek: Patrol locates subjects reported suspicious; while they are not doing anything overtly criminal, they are advised to act less suspicious.

Sept. 19

7:00 p.m., 1100 block Avenue D: Callers report multiple groups of transients camping in the area. Police look for the groups but locate no one; public works is notified for to clean up the area.

11:33 p.m., 1200 block S. Wahanna: Dog/animal complaints are reported.

Sept. 20

9:08 a.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

10:03 a.m., Pocket Park: Caller reports someone smoking marijuana in public.

Sept. 21

2:08 a.m., Alley behind First Avenue: Police respond to a report of a possible cougar sighting. They searched the area to the best of their abilities but were unable to locate any cougars.

8:33 a.m., 1100 block N. Franklin: A woman tells police she left something behind at someone’s home but now the people inside are acting like they don’t know her and won’t let her in. Police went to the address given but no one answered the door. The caller left the area.

8:38 a.m., Downtown Seaside: A woman told police she lost her car somewhere in downtown Seaside. She said she’s been looking for it for three days. Officers say they will look for it.

2:16 p.m., Safeway parking lot: An intoxicated man who walked into two cars parked in the lot did not incur any damage to himself or the cars. On police arrival, the man said he is resting.

2:18 p.m., Avenue A and the beach: Caller reports transient man who took off all his clothes and entered the ocean to bathe; after he got out, he put his clothes back on and returned to his camp in the dunes. Police spoke to him and advised.

3:28 p.m., Safeway parking lot: The resting intoxicated man reported walking into cars earlier remains intoxicated. A caller is concerned he will fall into traffic. Police make contact and the man turns down medical attention, preferring to nap in the grass.

11:49 p.m., 1100 block Third Avenue: Person reported playing loud music says he will turn it down and go to bed.

Sept. 22

10:22 a.m., Chamber restrooms: A person is cited for public drinking.

11:15 a.m., 200 block S. Roosevelt: A person is arrested on a warrant.

3:25 p.m., 400 block S. Franklin: Caller reports a homeless camp across the street from her home. There are also abandoned cars. Police mark the cars for tow. No transients were located, just trash.

3:48 p.m., Avenue E and River of Life: Caller reports man in a hammock surrounded by vicious dogs. The man is warned for trespass and unlawful lodging and cited for nuisance dogs.

Sept. 23

3:41 a.m., 900 block First Avenue: Police respond to a report of a large dog wandering the neighborhood but are unable to locate.

4:30 p.m., Pine Ridge Road, Gearhart: Dog impound.

5:59 p.m., Police headquarters: Caller reports taxi driver driving recklessly. Police say they will be on the lookout.

10:56 p.m., Avenue G: Male transient accompanied by a dog is reported to be causing a disturbance. He was contacted and given assistance back to his hotel room.

Sept. 24

12:39 a.m., 2400 block U.S. Highway 101: Police responding to a report of a disturbance make contact with the reporting party who agrees to leave the area. They knocked on the door of the other party, who refused to answer. Police said they would check back at another time.

1:58 a.m., 800 block Necanicum: Police find subjects reported causing a disturbance separated; they both agreed to calm down.

1:38 p.m., Police headquarters: A found wallet is turned into police.

9:44 p.m., 800 block S. Roosevelt: A person is trespassed from private property at the caller’s request.

Sept. 18

9:38 p.m., 2300 block Beach Drive: Fire investigation.

Sept. 19

2:10 p.m., 3200 block Bayview Terrace: Emergency medical response.

7:29 p.m., Ocean Shore: Fire investigation.

Sept. 20

2:44 p.m., South End Crescent Beach: Water rescue.

7:13 p.m., 1100 block Beach Drive: Fire alarm.

Sept. 22

11:00 a.m., Forest Drive: Fire alarm.

7:10 p.m., Cove: Fire investigation.

Sept. 23

12:19 p.m., 2000 block Spruce Drive: Fire alarm.

Sept. 24

4:25 p.m., 1300 block Second Avenue: A deceased person is reported.

Man pulls gun

A woman and her daughter driving reported Sept. 21 at 4:15 p.m. that another motorist pulled a gun on them on U.S. Highway 101 between Gearhart Loop and Hillila Road. An incident started near milepost 10 as both cars were traveling southbound. Information about the suspect’s Acura was taken and there is video footage. Police could not locate the suspect’s car. The incident is under investigation.

Man unhurt after U.S. Highway 26 crash

A 25-year-old Beaverton man was traveling westbound on U.S. Highway 26 by Sunset Highway on Sept. 25 at 1:04 p.m. when he drove off the roadway and crashed into a large growth of bamboo. He was uninjured and the business manager of the company that owns the box truck contacted Classic Towing to pull out the truck, which was somewhat damaged.

Car leaves roadway

A driver traveling westbound on U.S. Highway 26 near milepost 15 Sept. 27 at 9:17 p.m., left the roadway on the eastbound shoulder, colliding with a tree. A passerby picked up the driver and drove them home to Seaside. Gary’s Towing removed the car. Police are investigating.


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