Seaside Police

Feb. 1

10:27 a.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

1:46 p.m., N. Prom: A disturbance is reported.

7:04 p.m., The Cove: Police assist Portland police attempting to locate a suicidal subject.

Feb. 2

1:09 p.m., 1900 block Spruce: Caller reports people arguing in a unit adjacent to her residence. Police speak with the occupants who say they are playing a video game. They agree to keep it down and close their window.

7:02 p.m., 1300 block 12th Avenue: A person is arrested and charged with DWI at the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

8:42 p.m., Avenue J and S. Roosevelt: A person is transported to detox.

11:08 p.m., 400 block Avenue A: A second person is transported to detox.

11:10 p.m., 88000 block Mallard Court: Police assist county deputies with a disturbance call.

Feb. 3

10:51 a.m., Mill Ponds: Litter is reported.

2:34 p.m., 12th Avenue Bridge: Police conduct a welfare check on an intoxicated man on the bridge.

Feb. 4

12:44 p.m., 300 block Fifth Avenue: A caller concerned about straw in a neighbor’s driveway blowing everywhere is advised no code violation or crime was committed. Police spoke with the straw-spreading homeowner who said he was using straw to absorb mud in his driveway.

5:56 p.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

11:21 p.m., Alpine: Suspicious circumstances are reported.

Feb. 5

5:07 a.m. 1000 block Avenue F: Subjects are advised of trespass.

10:17 a.m., Police headquarters: A person came in to register as a sex offender.

Feb. 6

8:25 a.m., 800 block 12th Avenue: A missing person is reported.

Feb. 7

1:13 p.m., 400 block Broadway: Subject is arrested on an OSP warrant and trespassed indefinitely from a location.

Feb. 8

12:51 p.m., 1800 Spruce: Forgery/fraud is reported.

Seaside Fire

Feb. 1

2:04 p.m., 1100 block N. Roosevelt: Emergency medical response.

3:04 p.m., 13000 block N. Roosevelt: Emergency medical response.

6:12 p.m., 1000 block S. Holladay: Hazardous materials condition reported.

Feb. 2

10:26 a.m., 300 block Ninth Avenue: Emergency medical response.

3:39 p.m., 800 block Beach Drive: Emergency medical response.

Feb. 3

3:51 p.m., 1200 block S. Wahanna: Police assist Medix and the fire department on a medical call.

8:52 p.m., 1000 block Second Avenue: Fire investigation.

Feb. 4

8:02 p.m. 1200 block S. Wahanna: Police and fire respond to an emergency medical call.

Feb. 5

11:38 a.m., 1400 block S. Wahanna: Fire alarm.

5:49 p.m., 1300 block N. Holladay: Emergency medical response.

Feb. 6

10:47 a.m., 900 block Beach Drive: Emergency medical response.

8:57 p.m., 500 block N. Wahanna: Emergency medical response.

11:25 p.m. 3200 block Bayview Terrace: Emergency medical response.

Feb. 7

5:04 p.m., Second and Prom: Water rescue.

Feb. 8

5:04 p.m., 1800 block S. Downing: Emergency medical response.

6:51 p.m., 1900 block S. Roosevelt: Vehicle fire.


Oregon State Police

Lands in ditch

A 60-year-old Seaside man was transported to the hospital by ambulance Feb. 3 after he lost control of his car on an icy road. While traveling eastbound on Highway 26 near Wunsch Road, he lost control and crossed the westbound lane, crashing into the westbound ditch. His vehicle sustained minor damage and was towed from the ditch by Classic Towing.

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