Two Seaside School District properties could be headed to sale.

The board of directors authorized superintendent Susan Penrod and former superintendent Sheila Roley, now district construction liaison, to negotiate and execute contracts on Seaside High School and Gearhart Elementary School properties last Friday.

“There has been an offer on the high school,” Brian Taylor, board vice president and member of the Building and Grounds Committee, said at a special board meeting. “I’d like to make a motion to authorize the superintendents to negotiate and execute the sales contract for the purchase of the Seaside High School property by HTA Properties LLC based on a total purchase price of $3.2 million.”

According to Norris & Stevens, the real estate agents marketing the property, the high school campus, on more than 12 1/2 acres with more than 102,000 square feet of business space, was constructed in 1958 and is zoned for medium-density residential use.

Originally listed at $5.2 million in 2019, the district reduced the price to $3.5 million early this year before agreeing to the $3.2 million offer. The purchase is represented by Harry Henke, a developer based in Gearhart.

The property is in escrow, Henke confirmed.

Gearhart Elementary School sits on 8 1/2 acres with almost 32,000 square feet of building space.

Originally listed at $1.9 million, the district lowered the price to $1.2 million earlier this year before authorizing the sale to developer Robert Morey at $750,000.

Unless a school or government building were to take over the location, the property would require a zone change.

The school board unanimously approved the authorization.

The two properties, along with Broadway Middle School, went on the market after voters approved a $99.7 million bond to relocate schools out of the tsunami inundation zone.

The middle school, a 73,000-square-foot property on 5.4 acres at Broadway and Roosevelt Drive, remains on the market at $2.9 million. The property was originally listed at $3.6 million.

A fourth school, the former Cannon Beach Elementary School, sold for $400,000 to the city of Cannon Beach on June 30.

The new school campus in the Southeast Hills is scheduled to open in September.

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