During Seaside High School’s 103rd annual commencement, the overwhelming swell of vibrant Seagull red was matched in intensity only by the palpable emotion flowing from the sea of family, friends, mentors, teachers and other community members flooding the Seaside Civic and Convention Center.

Seaside High School graduating seniors Alyssa Goin (left) and Chase Januik, two of the nine valedictorians for the Class of 2019, give their a…

 ¶ Cheers rocked the building, cameras and smartphones flashed continuously, and some homemade signs waved in the air as hundreds of spectators joined together to share their pride, joy and affection for the 110 students who stepped onstage to receive their diplomas Monday night.

“We often hear, ‘It takes a village,’” Principal Jeff Roberts said. “One of the most special things about our community is our village, and we look after our own. So tonight, we thank parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, Dr. (Sheila) Roley, the Seaside School Board, the teachers and staff from Cannon Beach, Gearhart, The Heights, Broadway Middle School, and Seaside High School.”

During her salutatorian address, graduating senior Kendy Lin echoed that sentiment.

“This is cheesy, but without every single one of you in this room right now, we would not have become the person sitting in front of you,” she said. “With you, we have grown tremendously as individuals and learned from our mistakes.”

One of the class’ nine valedictorians, Alyssa Goin, during her speech with fellow graduate Chase Januik, encouraged her classmates to “bring the love our small community has given to us to your communities in the future, and give to them as ours has given to us.”

“We ask that you uphold the high standard that our generation has set thus far,” she added. “Change the world but don’t forget where you came from.”

Januik said that although people may perceive their generation with negative connotations, having been “raised on iPhones and video games,” they are also a generation of kids with high ambitions and educated minds.

“We stand up for what’s right and we’re also forgiving,” Goin added. “We are trend-setters, creative minds, and out-of-the-box personalities. … This is the generation of inclusion, environmental caring, and cohesion.”

Fellow valedictorian Majestik De Luz agreed they have far to go in terms of making a significant impact. During her speech, she said she wouldn’t describe high school as the best four years of her life, because “that would mean it’s all downhill from here, and I know that’s not the case.”

“I hope none of us have peaked in high school,” De Luz said. “I hope during the next four years, we each take the opportunities that are in front of us, work hard, and turn ourselves into something special.”

The other valedictorians for the class of 2019 included Chloe Bartel, Chance Giguiere, Dylan Meyer, Cori Biamont, Anna Hudleston, and Hayley Rollins.

Huddleston, the senior class president, led the class roll call as Roberts, Roley, and members of the school board awarded diplomas to the graduates as they crossed the stage. The choir, led by director Kimber Parker, and band, led by director Terry Dahlgren, provided music throughout the ceremony.

In his valedictorian address, Giguiere urged his fellow classmates to make sure graduation is “not our last note, but the beginning of a beautiful and breathtaking symphony.”

“While some of people may see a sea of red caps and gowns, I look at all of you and see doctors, lawyers, athletes, actors, scientists and engineers,” he said. “I see a world changed for the better because of the contributions the Class of 2019 can make.”

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