In mid-July, the Seaside School District’s real estate representative Norris & Stevens posted sales listings for two of three school district properties on the market, Broadway Middle School and Gearhart Elementary School, at $3.6 million and $1.9 million respectively.

This week, Norris & Stevens posted a $5.2 million asking price for the third property, Seaside High School, relocating from the tsunami zone to a new site in the city’s Southeast Hills.

The total asking price of all three schools combined reaches $10.7 million; a fourth district school, the former Cannon Beach Elementary School, which closed in 2013, is on the market at an estimated $400,000.

Zoned for medium density residential units, Norris & Stevens describes the property as “able to accommodate a variety of residential development possibilities.”

The Seaside High School campus is located in northwest Seaside with 490,050 square feet of developable land zoned for medium density residential use, according to agents. Between North Holladay Drive and the Necanicum River, there are three additional, premium ocean view parcels with 32,500 square feet zoned for medium density residential.

The main building was originally constructed in 1958 and described as “a classic one-story style common for that era and has undergone multiple additions.”

Gym and classrooms received upgrades in 1962; the wrestling building was added in 1995; and media, classroom and kitchen in 1994.

Covered walkways, paved parking lots, and a sports field surround the main building along with modular structures on the southern end of the property.

After approval of a $99.7 million bond in 2016, Seaside high school and middle school students will share the new campus; Gearhart Elementary students will join students at The Heights, which is undergoing a remodeling and expansion.

All schools are scheduled to open at their new locations in September 2020.

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