Gift of life

Rick Plummer and Katie Bulletset demonstrate the Lucas Mechanical CPR device.

An armless dummy strapped onto a rolling table by Seaside volunteer firefighters Rick Plummer and Katie Bulletset held the stage of the Monday, Sept. 9, City Council meeting.

Div. Chief Dave Rankin introduced the department’s newest tool, the Lucas Mechanical CPR Device. “We want to show you what this device is capable of.”

Promptly, Plummer, a paramedic firefighter volunteer, and Bulletset went to work, strapping the motionless dummy in, unpacking the device, booting up and applying suction cups over the center of the chest. After setting the correct depth, the machine delivered a steady rhythm of compression movements, designed to provide critical life-saving support and relieve responders of physically demanding labor during prolonged resuscitation attempts.

“Besides the fact of taking out the human error and the fatigue of doing chest compressions, if you’ve had to do them — it’s very exhausting,” Rankin said. “It frees us up to focus on the rest of the patient, establish an airway, medication, IV, and transport them faster to the hospital.”

A $15,000 grant from Providence Seaside Hospital enabled the purchase.The device is designed for use in the field, during transport, and in the hospital.

The LUCAS device has been used once since its delivery two weeks ago, Rankin said,

“This is such a great asset for our community,” Mayor Jay Barber said. “We hope you don’t need to use it very often, but when you do, it’s there.

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