A trailer with three-ton and five-ton counterweights deposited modular school buildings to The Heights.

Paving will start this week around the modulars, which will hold students during work inside the current building during renovation of the north section of The Heights.

A temporary gym is expected to be delivered this week, and will be used through the end of the school year. The main gym should be completed by the end of March, and the temporary gym will be used as covered play.

Project Manager Jim Henry shared an update on the $123 million construction project to bring a new campus to the Southeast Hills, with an opening date of September 2020.The temporary gym will be removed at the end of the year.

Fencing at the high school and middle school is essentially complete, Henry said.

“It’s busy everywhere,” Henry said. “We’ve been having building elevation work, windows, curtain walls going in, drain field system installation, and planting and stormwater mitigation.”

The roof is complete and the exterior “substantially complete,” he added.

Hoffman Construction had a $300,000 allowance for weather protection, but because of good weather, the allowance has not been used.

“We’re 99.9% buttoned up,” Seaside School District Superintendent Sheila Roley said at the meeting.

An intergovernmental agreement with the city for the reservoir is expected later this month, Henry added. “It’s amazing how much work has been done at the site for the reservoir. It’s been completely cleared off. Rock has been brought in for the foundation, stormwater systems are going in.”

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