A deal will transfer reservoir property above the new school campus. The Seaside School District will transfer land ownership at the site of a reservoir on the new campus to the city.

“We have a signed agreement between the superintendent, Susan Penrod, as well as the city manager, Mark Winstanley,” project manager Jim Henry said at last Tuesday’s school board meeting. “We are in the process of getting the property line adjustment made between our two properties to designate the reservoir area as well as the rest of the property, which will be one single lot.”

The 3.28-acre reservoir site, part of 130 acres donated to the school district by Weyerhaeuser Co. in 2016 prior to the bond vote, was annexed by the city in October. Ownership will be transferred to the city.

Budgeted at $5.56 million, the 5-million gallon reservoir project totaled $5.84 million after change orders. The reservoir provides water to the new middle school and high school building as well as Pacific Ridge Elementary. It also serves portions of Seaside.

In August, the city authorized $831,000 in cost sharing to be delivered to the school district, about half of that for utility work including water, sewer, roads and conduit. About $284,000 of the distribution funded a redesign of the waterline system.

“We are in the process of evaluating getting the property line adjustment made between our two properties to designate the reservoir area and rest of property as a single lot,” Henry said.

The school board unanimously authorized Penrod to complete the reservoir agreement and property transfer.

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