Boomer Barbossa

Radio station owner Boomer Barbosa with mascot “Captain Barbossa.”

There’s new ownership at Seaside’s 94.9 The Bridge, as Sacramento couple Boomer and Dawn Barbosa purchased the radio station from Mark and Mickie Evans.

“We took over operation in February,” Boomer Barbosa of Barbosa Media, 94.9’s parent company, said from the station’s Gilbert Building studio. “We are in the final process of signing off when the FCC says it’s finally all ‘done done’ — could be within a couple of days.”

The Barbosas found the property through a broker, he said. “We looked at a lot of radio stations around the Northwest — and this was the right one.”

Boomer Barbosa, originally from Minneapolis, spent the last 21 years as a station manager in Sacramento with KWOD, KNTY and the Entravision Communications Group.

Dawn Barbosa has been around the radio business for decades and “loves being part of the community.”

He said the community and the potential for growth helped their decision to come to Seaside. “A lot of people to be serviced by good broadcasting around here.”

He said they scouted radio stations before making their decision. Music will be a “mix of new and old,” he said, “new artists with the legendary artists that inspired them. It’s kind of a melding of the two.”

Barbosa said he will stress energy, “a little more fun, a little more activity.” He said he anticipated being more involved with community events along with proprietary promotions.

Disk jockeys will be imparting knowledge of the music, with a “music first” motto. Jave is on the afternoon while Barbosa handles the morning slot.

The station will broadcast 24 hours.

While The Bridge will do a lot of local community interest material, there won’t be a lot of hard news.

“But we’ll always talk about the stuff important to people,” Barbosa said. “Just not the regimented: ‘Here’s two minutes of news.’ We plan on being everywhere, all the time.”

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