The Cannon Beach Community Church had a big day at Project Homeless Connect donating water-repellent blankets, boots, rain gear, women’s knit hats and tote bags to some of the 175 homeless or transient people who passed through the Seaside Civic and Convention Center by 1 p.m.

Nancy Giasson said the church distributed 50 pairs of men’s underwear; 50 pairs of men’s socks; 40 pairs of women’s underwear and 40 pairs of women’s socks, as well as 40 pairs of women’s gloves.

Other necessities were distributed at the Jan. 29 event. Alan Evans, Founder and Director of Helping Hands, said he dispersed 140 personal care bags containing toilet paper and toiletries.

“There’s been good camaraderie here today,” Evans said. “All the participating agencies are working well together to serve the population.” He said every year the population demographic and the need is a little different, in large part because policies regarding assistance to the homeless and transient population are always changing.

Project Homeless Connect has become an annual event at the Seaside Convention Center. Organized by Clatsop Community Action and sponsored by Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation; Clatsop Community Action; Coastal Family Health Center; Columbia Memorial Hospital and Providence Seaside Hospital, the five-hour event offered the local homeless and transient population referrals and information on legal and medical and mental health services, transportation, food stamps, veteran services, employment, housing, and food stamp applications to where they might get a hot meal, a haircut, or do laundry.

Laundry Love’s mission is aiding families struggling with the cost of doing laundry. Laundry Love pays for two loads of laundry and drying per family unit. Join them or donate quarters or a snack on Feb. 9 or March 9 at the laundromat located at 1223 S. Roosevelt Drive in Seaside. This event is sponsored by At The Water’s Gate, a ministry of the Foursquare Gospel located in Seaside.

Seamus A. McVey is the founder of A.P.E.S., which stands for Anonymous Practical Everyday Support.

“A.P.E.S. is a 12 step program that deals with root causes of issues that affect our lives,” McVey said. He uses a version of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous that replaces the word “God” with “Higher Power,” as religious beliefs or lack of them can be a barrier to come to a self help program.

“Another way we break the barrier is encouraging laughter,” McVey said. “Healing and growth is hard enough on its own. If we can laugh, we can enjoy the process a little bit more.” Call or text 503-440-3983 for more information.

Shawna Neumeister and Shelley Forsythe represented The Harbor, offering free and confidential support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The Harbor is not affiliated with law enforcement and does not make mandatory reports about client’s experiences, nor require clients to produce proof of citizenship or ID.

Located at 801 Commercial Ave. in Astoria, The Harbor recently began offering support group services through referral at Seaside Providence Hospital. A specific group for Latina survivors of recent or past domestic and sexual violence meets every Thursday for ten weeks at the hospital starting Feb. 7. For more information regarding the Latin@ group, call or text 503-338-9131. The 24-hour, seven-day hotline is 503-325-5735.

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