Seaside High School

After several Seaside High School students received an email warning from another student threatening a school shooting on Wednesday, May 15, one of the email recipients notified Seaside police.

After receiving the report, high school administrators called the Seaside Police Department.

The student suspect was contacted, interviewed and admitted to sending the message threatening the school shooting.

The student suspect denied that they had intended to carry out the threat, and that the threat was made because they were frustrated for an unknown reason.

The early investigation did not discover any known access to firearms, nor was there any indication that other students were involved as a potential co-conspirator.

Seaside Police said the parents of the student suspect are “very concerned” about the threat and have been cooperating with the investigation.

Based on the initial investigation, the suspect was not taken into custody and remained at home with parents. The student was immediately suspended from school pending further school administrative inquiry, which may include expulsion from school.

Criminal charges concerning the threat will be forwarded to the Clatsop County Juvenile Department and Clatsop County District Attorney’s office for review upon completion of the investigation.

The Seaside School District sent out an informational email to parents on Wednesday evening after the suspect had been contacted by police. Through this email, school administrators communicated that there was no belief that a threat of harm to students and staff continued to exist. Seaside High School and the Seaside Police Department agreed to have uniformed presence and extra patrols at the school throughout the day as an added measure of precaution.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Knight with the Seaside Police Department at 503-738-6311.

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