Broadway Middle School

Aerial view, Broadway Middle School. Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District is located at top right-center.

What do you think of a Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District purchase of Broadway Middle School?

That’s the question posed in a community needs assessment survey designed to determine interest in support for arts, education, recreation and fitness programs, ahead of a potential purchase of Broadway Middle School.

The property, at 1120 Broadway, is among Seaside School District properties relocating to Spruce Drive outside of the tsunami inundation zone. The middle school is on the market for $2.9 million.

“How important is it this specific property be maintained as a public asset for our entire community’s use?” the survey asks.

The 10 survey questions were developed internally, using experiences of the district staff and board working together, Skyler Archibald, executive director of the park district, said .

After identifying themselves as in-district or out-of-district residents, respondents are asked to rate the need for facility expansion to accommodate child and youth programs; sports and recreation programs; adult programs and special events such as the Farmers Market, Fall Fun Fest and Family Dance.

The survey asks if respondents would be more be more likely in using district facilities after an expansion. Respondents are also asked if they support the purchase of Broadway Middle School for additional programs and facilities.

“This is not a scientific survey but it is an important mechanism for gathering feedback from our community regarding their needs for recreation opportunities,” Archibald said.

The survey will be available online through the end of October. Results will be tabulated by the district.

Access the survey at A print version of the survey can be obtained by contacting park district staff at or by calling the Sunset Pool.

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