New whiteboards, blackboards, files — things that make “classrooms feel like classrooms” — are arriving at Pacific Ridge Elementary.

Project manager Jim Henry and project engineer Eli Cox-Skall led members of Seaside School District's citizen oversight committee on school construction on a tour of the building last week.

“When you start to see the ceilings go in and there’s a few less open ends, it’s easy to see the finish line,” Cox said. “You should have seen what it looked like three weeks ago.”

Henry said Pacific Ridge Elementary work will be completed the week of Oct. 5. Crews have been working six 10-hour days, and in some cases, six 12-hour days to finish the renovation at the former Seaside Heights Elementary School.

Classrooms are conjoined by pods, with kidney-shaped teaching tables, seating and shelving units that divide the common rooms into three or four sections, with areas for individual or small-group instruction.

Wainscoting will be installed along interior walls to protect surfaces, Cox said.

Restrooms, custodial closets and flexible spaces have been completely renovated and roof trusses replaced.

Flex spaces are “almost ready for flooring,” Cox said. “The ceiling tile has dropped and the final finishes are being put in. We have some floor prep to do.”

The 86,000-square-foot elementary school interior remains the same size but five modular classrooms, new gym and covered play area add to the Pacific Ridge campus footprint.

Exterior remediation at high school

At the high school and middle school campus, the track and field is complete, Henry said. He said work on sidewalks and parking lots is “99.9% complete.”

Inside the building, furniture and materials from the former high school and Broadway Middle School have been delivered.

Exterior weather remediation begins after a quality control check revealed the weather barrier on parts of the high school and middle school was thinner than specified.

After city approval of a life safety plan for the remediation work, the building should receive temporary occupancy for the entire building, which will allow teachers to come into the building.

“We’re getting really close,” Henry said. “They've ordered everything. The first step is to remove the materials.”

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