Nonprofits came before the city’s 2019-20 budget committee seeking assistance for programs and services.

Contributions come out of the city’s general fund, public safety department and city room tax, totaling about $75,000, City Manager Mark Winstanley said.

In 2018-19, $73,500 was delivered to 10 nonprofits. This year, 12 nonprofits asked committee members for assistance.

The Harbor, an organization designed to help victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking, sought $12,000 for operating funds and administration. “We cannot account for the operating overhead expenses through most of the grants we get,” the Harbor’s Ellen Long said.

Other regional organizations included Clatsop Community Action, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Reading Outreach Clatsop County, Helping Hands Re-Entry Outreach Centers and the North Coast Food Web.

Restoration House, a nonprofit, offers housing for high-risk men with significant psychological/behavioral issues. Restoration House, Inc. offers a safe and stable place to Live while attempting to meet the needs of this high-cost population.

The program works from referrals from the Clatsop County Corrections Department and Clatsop Community Health, chairwoman Adrienne Taylor said.

The home, on North Holladay drive, provides a home to residents from a “few weeks to a year,” she said.

This year’s request is driven by a need to provide a food program for residents.

Through shared kitchen facilities, Taylor said, “they have lightened up, they have a sense of community amongst themselves. They’re sharing food, ideas, and culinary skills. They need to learn the basic activities of daily living.”

Darren Gooch asked for $12,000 for the South County Food Bank on U.S. Highway 101, with funds sought for refrigeration. The food bank provides emergency food at no cost to those in need.

Alan Evans of Helping Hands sought $25,000 in the organization’s efforts to deter homelessness and offer housing for those seeking to re-enter society. Last year, Helping Hands served more than 700 individuals in the county.

“What we try to do is deal with each person’s individual story,” Evans said. “We offer a plan how they can regain access into the community.”

Jessika Tantisook of the North Coast Food Web, in seeking $3,300, said her group aimed to improve nutrition education, including teaching kids to cook and providing healthy food and snacks. Funds would be used for the organization’s internship program and farmer outreach.

In his budget message to the committee, Winstanley spoke about the gap filled by the efforts of the region’s nonprofits. “They can’t survive without cities, but cities can’t survive without them,” he said.

Allocations are expected to be determined at the Monday, May 6, budget committee meeting.

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