Broadway Field

The Sunset Empire Park and Recreation board of directors voted to prohibit the use of metal cleats on Broadway Field.

Effective Jan. 1, the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District will prohibit the use metal cleats on Broadway Field.

Metal cleats harm the field and causes additional maintenance and resources by the district, the district’s board of directors determined on Tuesday, Nov. 19, in unanimously voting for Resolution No. 2019-09.

Skyler Archibald, the district’s executive director, said that district users, including Seaside Kids and the Seaside School District, are aware of the upcoming change.

“If there’s a situation, we’ll have to stop the tournament and ask those players to use different shoes for the tournament,” Archibald said. “If we catch someone using metal cleats, we’ll remove them for the rest of the day, a second time, we’ll trespass them from the field.”

Board member John Chapman said he was concerned about clarifying potential penalties and action for those who violate the policy.

“We need something that states a guideline for failure to obey the rule,” he said. “If you go to a hotel room and you ruin the bed, you’re going to pay for the bed. If you wear metal cleats on the field and you rip up the turf you make cuts in it, you’ve got to pay the cost of repair it, whether it’s $3,000 or $4,000, you’ve got to pay for it. If there’s no recourse, who’s paying that bill?”

“If we’ve had teams, programs and tournaments not adhere, we have billed those teams directly for the staff time it took to repair the field,” Archibald said.

After the vote for the new policy, board members agreed to determine a penalty structure in subsequent weeks.

“I wish that we had done this sooner, to be honest,” Archibald said. “But it’s better late than never.”

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