Mitch Gramson

Mail carrier Mitch Gramson says adieu to the post office after 31 years of service. Photo by Eve Marx.

Friday, Aug. 30 was mail carrier Mitch Gramson’s last day at work. He retired from the Seaside Post Office after 31 years of service.

“He’s delivered mail to every mailbox in Seaside and Gearhart,” Tony Simms, the Postmaster said.

“Mitch knows everybody. He has an incredible memory for every person and every delivery.”

“My plan is to rock, roll, and have a ball,” Gramson said last Thursday, his next to last day of work. He had just come off delivering his route, which at present is along Wahanna and “up the hill.” He averages about 1500 deliveries a day and works about an hour and a half on foot. He believes in the sanctity of the U.S. Mail.

There is only one day in his 31-year career when the mail didn’t get delivered.

“That was on Dec. 2, 2007,” Gramson said. “There was a huge storm. We all showed up to work but they couldn’t get a delivery truck out from Portland.”

Gramson said he’s had an uneventful career.

He’s never been bitten or harassed by a dog. And he’s not one to carry biscuits.

No particular delivery or event stands out in his mind as unique. He seems to take for granted his incredible memory for people, and ability to respond precisely and accurately to any question arising regarding a particular piece of mail or package. He appears to be a master of the sort of detail that so easily slip through the cracks when you’re talking about a postal operation handling every week approximately 40,000 letters and about 260,000 packages.

Gramson declined to embellish on his “Rock and Roll, Have a Ball” plans moving forward. The Post Master said Gramson received a plaque honoring his years of service. While friendly, Gramson appears to be a man of few words. Responding to a barrage of questions from this reporter, he kept working, slotting outgoing mail he’d picked up along his route.

The Seaside post office is always looking for good people. Contact Post Master Tony Simms if you care to take a crack at filling Mitch Gramson’s shoes.

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