Maisie at Lewis & Bark

Maisie keeps an eye on things at Lewis & Bark.

After the bathing and the clipping and the nail trim and the ear cleaning and at last the bows and ribbons, when your pet is indeed camera ready, they’re led to the pink chaise.

“Every client when they’re finished gets their picture taken,” said Brandy Gregg, who along with her business partner, Liz McKerren, are the owners and managers of Lewis and Bark, a new pet primping salon in Seaside. Lewis and Bark proudly takes its place alongside Seaside’s other premiere salons and spas, except that their services are meant for pets, not humans.

“Our goal is to elevate the customer experience in pet grooming,” Gregg said. “Whether it’s a first time groom for a new puppy, or a pet with special needs, our focus is on creating a relaxing and positive experience.”

Lewis and Bark is exceptionally appealing. You might want to hang out even if you don’t have a pet. The reception area is a cross between an industrial chic living room parlor and a gift shop. It’s surprisingly quiet. You won’t t hear the usual grooming salon sounds of dryers roaring or water running. You don’t even hear barking.

“Our state-of-the-art drying system is designed to not only promote a quieter environment, but is also a no heat system that’s much safer than traditional drying systems,” Gregg said.

The salon’s Hydrosurge bathing system is equally state of the art.

“The Hydrosurge system has multiple therapeutic benefits for pets with limited mobility, arthritis, or skin issues,” McKerren said. “Oxygen-infused water helps penetrate skin and fur follicles to remove dirt, dead skin, and ensure all soap residue is removed. People tell us later they’ve never felt their pet’s coat feel so soft.”

Lewis and Bark has a top drawer grooming team. Leslie Green is a master groomer with 40 years of experience; Tanya Gardiner is a pet stylist who particularly enjoys working with anxious pets.

Before opening Lewis and Bark, Gregg and McKerren have been friends for 30 years. McKerren also oversees the day to day operations of Bay Breeze Boarding and Grooming in the north county; Brandy has a background in healthcare administration and has actively been involved with pet rescue for 16 years. Because of Lewis and Bark’s connection to Bay Breeze, concierge services for pet boarding can also be arranged through them.

Now, about Lewis and Bark’s pet food and gift shop.

“We carry the pet food brands Portland Pet Food; Gather; Now; and Petcurean,” Gregg said. “None of these foods is made in China. They have no history of recalls.”

Leslie Green and client

Master goomer Leslie Green and client at Lewis and Bark

The store offers sample size portions to take home while you determine which food your pet adores. The shop features a fine line of wonderful pet toys as well as collars made of recycled tires; high quality coats and rain jackets, leashes, blankets and beds. The cat beds are especially amusing; you might want one even if you don’t have a cat. And don’t miss the Gourmet Cookie Bar filled with tempting and healthy treats. Fill up your bag for $8. The shop also stocks pet-friendly CBD treatments.

Lewis and Bark is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The pet salon offers basic bath and brush services, full grooming services, de-shedding services, and a flea package. Be prepared to provide your pet’s vaccination record; if you don’t have the paperwork handy, Liz McKerren will call your vet for you when you book your appointment. Splash and dash service is available for those on a tight schedule. Lewis and Bark is located at 753 1st Avenue, Seaside. Book your appointment now at 503-739-7347. A la carte services are available from $5 and up, including nail trim, nail file, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and face trim.

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