The Oregon Lodging & Restaurant Association announced Masudur Khan as its new board chairman Thursday.

Khan helms Seaside Lodging and owns and manages 13 hotels and one restaurant on the Oregon Coast including the Inn at Seaside, the River Inn at Seaside, the Coast River Inn and the recently debuted four-story, 65-room Saltline Hotel.

Khan’s wife, Taslema Sultana, operates The Gilbert Inn and the Inn at Haystack Rock.

“I like challenges,” Khan said. “We have a lot of work to do in our industry, but I’m committed and excited.”

A Seaside hotelier for more than a decade, Khan was named the state lodging association’s 2015 lodging operator of the year.

Success during the coronavirus pandemic is not the same for everyone, he said.

Hotel or restaurant location, size and demographic are all concerns.

“Every property is unique, and it’s going to come back slowly,” Khan said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty. We will have to work harder to survive. We have lots to do.”

The lodging business is rapidly evolving, as some visitors are looking for private dining or meeting area options.

“Groups are renting whole floors even though they might need only 50% of the space so they can be safer,” he said. “If you want to survive, you have to work around the customers’ needs.”

Khan said the Oregon Coast is seeing visitor rates much higher than last year, booking at full price in both August and September. “It’s very strong. How long it is going to last, we do not know,” he said.

A not-for-profit trade organization, the state lodging association represents approximately 2,600 members, and advocates for more than 10,000 food service locations and 2,000 lodging establishments in Oregon.

Khan said he is looking forward to his new role.

“My job now is not only Seaside, of course, but the whole state,” he said. “As I am from Seaside, I will also focus on how I can help support the community and the business owners. I am hoping to make their voices heard.”

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