Gearhart City Hall

Gearhart provided $77,000 for local nonprofits in the 2020-21 budget, among them, local food banks and scholarship funds.

Gearhart will deliver $77,000 of state revenue sharing funds to fund 14 nonprofits, as well as pay for city celebrations, firehouse repairs and equipment.

At the May 20 City Council meeting, councilors approved Gearhart’s $2 million 2020-21 budget and announced awards to nonprofits.

The funds, delivered to the city as part of taxes paid by Oregonians, will benefit local organizations in a time of increased need as a result of the the coronavirus pandemic.

Funds will provide $3,000 to the Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank, $3,000 to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Gearhart and another $3,000 to the South County Food Bank in Seaside. Helping Hands will receive $3,000 to address homelessness. Clatsop Economic Development Resources, which provides assistance and guidance to local businesses, will also receive $3,000.

The Harbor, the Necanicum Watershed Council and the Clatsop County Court Advocate Program and local scholarship organizations also received portions of the distribution.

The firehouse building at 670 Pacific Way will receive $10,000 to fund general maintenance, paint, mortar repair and roof repair, City Administrator Chad Sweet said. “It’s an old building that needs replacing,” he said.

The fund also allots about $26,000 for equipment to meet various city needs. If that money is unused, it will be returned into the fund and disbursed next year.

“All in all I’m very positive about this budget,” Sweet said. “We run with a yearly surplus every year. Our revenues are greater than our expenses. Over the last four years we’ve added $990,000 to our reserves.”

This year, the city will designate an additional $180,000 to reserve funds.

Tax rates for property owners remains the same as last year, at 1.005 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

The general fund, the largest portion of the budget, stands at $584,000, an increase from last year’s $570,000.

About $24,000 in increased personnel services drive the increase, including $3,000 for payroll processing, $5,000 for cost-of-living and salary increases and a $16,000 increase in public employees retirement system costs.

Gearhart meets Wednesday in a special meeting for the final reading of the budget, which must be adopted 30 days prior to July 1.

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