For a potential buyer at Seaside High School, asbestos remains a concern. Developer Harry Henke, a registered agent of HTA Properties LLC, bid $3.2 million for the property.

“I’m about to start surveying the immensity,” Henke said. “If that number comes in high, it’s no deal.”

Last Friday, the school district’s board of directors authorized superintendent Susan Penrod and former superintendent Sheila Roley to negotiate and execute the contract with Henke.

Henke, with projects throughout the county, described himself as “interested in all facets of development.”

The 102,000-square-foot high school building sits on 12.63 acres on North Holladay Drive. The Residential-2 single-family zone allows 10 homes per acre, with some multifamily homes.

Three additional ocean view parcels with approximately 32,500 square feet zoned for medium density residential are located on North Holladay Drive by the estuary.

Plans for Gearhart Elementary School are “premature,” said developer Robert Morey, who is in negotiations with the district.

“We’re at the beginning phases of due diligence,” Morey said. “I don’t know how the puzzle is going to play out. It’s premature to say how we’re going to approach the property. We’re studying it now.”

The school board approved authorization of a $750,000 purchase price on the 32,000-square-foot elementary school, which sits on 8 1/2 acres.

According to Gearhart Mayor Matt Brown, who said he and City Administrator Chad Sweet met with Morey, Morey is interested in allowing the city to use parts of the property as park and open space. Portions could be used as ball fields for youth sports.

The city will discuss the possibility of using the park space for the community at its Aug. 5 City Council meeting.

The property sale is scheduled to take place in October, Brown said.

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